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  1. I am working on a lineage! My egg is now a gendered hatchling and I'd like to begin my lineage. Username: Rixie_Pakuna Lineage Type: Arrowhead Other breeds to be used in my lineage: just Nebulas Describe your lineage: I'll start off with a staircase of Purple x CB Blues, then I will add the other half with a staircase of Reds x CB Greens. Anything else? I will attempt to get ahold of some CB Nebulas and if they gender Red/Green I will donate them. In return, I'd like to use a Red offspring from the Green/Red pair for the other half of my lineage.
  2. OOOOH MAI GAWD this is so freaking awesome! I'm so excited for the elements and the breedings and omg omg so much excitement! /angrily pokes Trio dragons/ Why won't you summon?!
  3. I Want an Egg! Username: Rixie_Pakuna Egg parents: blue x purple please Will you be unavailable at any time? Starting June 15 I will be gone for two weeks. Other than that, I sign on pretty much every day, or at least every other day.
  4. O_O Two minutes and 30 seconds, all biomes are empty. I wonder if this is a new record. Aaaand I didn't get any eggs
  5. I know right... I really, really hope this is going to be an actual thing and not a joke... So much sadness.
  6. Oh man so excited my whole family is fighting over the good computer. "Let me get some!" "No, wait, I have one more slot!" "But you already have one of each!"
  7. Milk and a kitkat (I know I'm unhealthy >_<)
  8. I Would Like To Join This Project! Forum Name: Rixie Pakuna Scroll Link: Rixie_Pakuna PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=181066 Hidden Word: Halloween Sign Up Date: January 30, 2012 Point Total: 0 Eligible Dragons: Considering they have to hatch AFTER joining... I'll get back to you on that? Not sure how that's supposed to work...
  9. Ooh! So pretty! Please tell me they're going to be around long enough for me to hatch all my eggs and get un-scroll-locked! Edit: Maybe someone could PM me, or at least PM me to tell me how to find out? This thread looks like it's moving too fast for me to atually see if someone replies...
  10. Yes... It is finals time for me... and I'm getting sick too D: I'll try to post this weekend.
  11. Yups. I'm hoping to have a female dragon get a crush on him, thinking she's a he... xP Eventually. And urgh there's like two whole new pages of posts since I last checked... >_< Is kinda confusing...
  12. "Why?" Steel spat between his sharp teeth. "I don't know, maybe because he attacked me the same way you just did? I'm not going to stand by and let traitors kill me or my wards." He circled around until he had his back to the depths of the cave again and Grehyen in front of him, making sure to not let Grehyen past him. "If you want to attack, then go right ahead. I won't let you, or Vrael, or any of those ambushers outside hurt the rest of the hatchlings." Steel, without taking his eyes off of Grehyen, growled lowly, "They attacked me. Vrael and Grehyen both. They must've thought
  13. Steel has always been female... lol...
  14. Steel stopped his unearthly shriek, glaring defiantly at the attacker as he fled. Good. One less to worry about. This is when the frilled hatchling swung his tail at his head from behind. Steel felt the blow at the back of his head, and whirled around, lashing out with his tail like a club. Even as he turned, he lunged forward with his teeth bared, attempting to snap up the frills lining the other hatchling's neck. He used telepathy to send the message to all dragons around him, "So you thought to ambush me from behind while I drove away the betrayer? How many more of you? Who else is g
  15. O_O ? And awww nuuuuu Vrael ran away! T_T....
  16. Rushling's eyes snapped open as soon as the moss touched her body. She lunged to her feet, slipping away between Vrael's legs, slipping her tail along under his chin as she ran. Then she was gone, in a little ledge about six feet off the floor of the cave. She curled her tail around her claws, body quivering as she shook the last scraps of moss off. A large trail of damp moss was draped from where she had been sleeping to the wall of the cave, and a few clumps clung to the wall that she'd scaled in order to reach the ledge. She proceeded to watch Vrael tumble into the canopy dragon, and giggle
  17. ...I think it should work on only one target... Maybe two or three, but it would limit the time even further.
  18. Okay then I think you're fine. Perhaps wait for Cyda or Dragon girl before going off of my opinion only though... (doesn't want to mess anything up)
  19. Hm... 120 mph seems a little much, but I guess I don't have a problem with it as long as it only pertains to flying speed, and is only for a few moments. But this should not be fighting speed. For example: if Nyte is fighting against another dragon, he should not have so much speed that it's instant held-at-fangpoint, or have the other opponent struggling to keep up so much. Rushling has intense fighting/running away speed, but it's to make up for the fact that she's still very young and has very little strength whatsoever. She MIGHT be able to break a few human fingers in her jaws.