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    My current wish list:
    Vampire - got
    Chicken - got
    Thunder - got
    Magma - got
    Ice - got
    Harvest -got
    Silver - got
    Tinsel Bronze - got
    Tinsel Silver - got
    Tinsel Gold - got
    CB Royal Blue - got
    CB Gold Wyvern


    Black Marrow
    Shadow Walker

    Holly Dragon

    Well, for now, I don't care about generations, being inbred or if it's CB or AP, it's just the dragon what matters.
    But, of course, I won't refuse a dragon with a nice lineage. I know how to appreciate them and if I like it, I'll do my best to continue it.
    When I've collected them all then... well, we'll see.
    But right now, thanks to everyone who helped me collect the dragons I have today!

    Feb.04, 2012.
    I finally have all three of the Legendary Trio - Magma, Ice, Thunder, and after much care they have grown into fine strong dragons. Now, it is time to try the 'Summon' BSA. I read somewhere that there is only 0.5%-11% chance of it being successful. Nevertheless, I have freed space for an extra egg. Now I click on Nastirith, my Ice and then click on 'Summon'. For a second I thought that it would be unsuccessful.
    But then a message appeared:
    'Your dragons combine their powers to summon a mysterious egg.'

    My first summon ever had worked!