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  1. I'd be lying if I told you I was happy for you. But congrats!
  2. Another 31st and 3 new Zombies for me. I had 19 dead hatchlings, got 2 revivals and 2 Zombies and 1 Zombie out of 10 dead adults. I haven't been keeping track quite as well as others but I think overall my success rate on 31sts at night time is around 10 % which I personally think is okay. Adult Two-Headed Eastern: https://dragcave.net/lineage/HL63f (Pretty pleased with this one, I'm now only missing the adult Lindwyrm Pygmy sprite (again!)) s1 Two-Headed Eastern: https://dragcave.net/lineage/D8pnO (Very happy about this one, too. Goal for July obviously has to be getting that missing s2...) s2 Pygmy Wyrm: https://dragcave.net/lineage/y6wF1 (You are quite alright, too.)
  3. Forum name: MiaLily Scroll name: MiaLily PM link: Message me! List of Valentines I Can Breed: 2 CB 3rd gen from Winter 3rd gen from Black Tea 2 CB 3rd gen from Moonstone 2 CB 3rd gen from White 2 CB 2 CB 3rd gen x Nocturne 2 CB 4 x 3rd gen from all rosy-winged Solstice 3 x 4th gen from all rosy-winged Solstice 2 x 5th gen from all rosy-winged Solstice and various gens from either blue-winged Solstice or mixed-winged (non-perfect checker) Solstice 2 CB 2 CB 2 CB 2 CB List of Valentine's I need: 2nd gens from Moonstone 2nd gen from Rosebud 2nd gen from Shadow Walker, mate for her 2nd gens from White 2nd gens from Moonstone 2nd gen from tri-colored Snow Angel, mate for her 2nd to 4th gen from Caligene any gen from all rosy-winged Solstice, unrelated to her and him List of Valentine's mates I need:  4th gen Silver x Sweetling, mate for him 2nd gens from White 3rd gen Purple x Rosebud, mate for her received a lovely gift from @becondethuong1307, thank you very much! 4th gen Pink x Rosebud, mate for her 4th gen Moonstone x Rosebud, mate for her 3rd gen Heartseeker x Golden Wyvern, mate for him 4th gen Moonstone x Arsani, mate for her 2nd gen Blusang x Heartstealing, mate for her 2nd gen Blusang x Heartstealing mate for her 3rd gen Blacktip x Mutamore for him
  4. After the frustration of last month I feel like I got really lucky this time around. I didn't have nearly as much fodder as last month, only 16 hatchies. And of course 10 adults, where I found it really easy to kill the first batch but almost ran out of fodder with the second because of all the dodges (admittedly, I was by then going for the last two adult sprites I'm still missing so I didn't have that much fodder for that either). Also wasn't successful with that second batch. BUT I actually got FIVE zombies, 1 adult and 4 hatchies (plus two hatchie revivals)!!! adult Western Pygmy (Finally, finally progress on the adult Pygmy front.*knockonwood*) wingless s2 hatchie (Didn't even have to add that to the spreadsheet because we are that late to the party...) s1 Eastern Pygmy s1 Two-Head Leviathan s1 Two-Head Leviathan (This one is obviously a double which I originally never intended to have and keep but I think I'll make an exception for this one...) With that I'm down to an adult Lindwyrm and Wyvern Pygmy so I definitely need to stock up on those for fodder... Also good progress with the hatchies where I'm very happy that the sprites I still need are mostly going to be easier to catch in cave at least... If only we knew if it is still possible to get those ungendered Zombies my happiness would be absolute...
  5. z-Code regular Black hatchie, influenced to be female, to keep or to gift Offer a dummy! 2nd gen Alt Black, precogged to be female, to go to a giftee Offer a dummy!
  6. Another CB Zyu for anyone who needs one for their giftee, this time it's a white one: Make a dummy offer on my egg!
  7. Also had a problem in Chrome viewing other people's scrolls and I solved it by deleting history, clearing cache and cookies so what exactly did the trick, I can't say, but something did.
  8. CB Black Zyu if someone needs one for their giftee. Just offer a dummy! Make an offer on my egg!
  9. If anyone needs a Blusang for their giftee, here is one: Offer a dummy or, if you want to help me with my giftee, a CB Copper. Make an offer on my egg! Gone!
  10. I'm still anxiously waiting for my Giftee but it is way past my bed time so I'll guess I will only find out in the "morning" (it is already almost 3 am for me ).
  11. Same here. I hope it gets fixed, I was worried something like that could happen after that happened with the 2016 Holiday event. I just hope this will be fixed.
  12. Oh gosh, that sounds awful. I'm so sorry! And here I was thinking around 20 adults should give me enough options for all the dodges I was expecting but then I probably need to worry more about the hatchies as well... Has TJ been asked about this? I mean, that is terrible for the supposed best day of Zombie making and in general, too. But it used to be possible to get ungendered Zombies. I actually checked recently because I wasn't sure if that was a thing or just wishful thinking on my part but there was an ungendered Lindwyrm hatchie edit: ungendered adult (but from way, way back) on the spreadsheet.
  13. I personally try to freeze revived hatchies and keep them but the s2 usually have enough views to instantly grow up and so far I released the adults because I don't want to take chances and try and zombiefy those when I'm not paying attention. But now the dragon in question is a Paper and I'm tempted to keep it. I think I will anyway. Maybe one day the kill limit will be raised and one wasted space won't hurt that much... I don't think they are that interesting. Or rather, it is that I feel inadequate every time @Nectaris posts about completing a set of ten, because I just want the bare minimum as in one per sprite and gender... Actually, I only wanted to try for the ungendered come Halloween because of the higher chances but then I caught some in the beginning of December and thought why not. And I apologize if that upsets people because of the rarity. I agree about the Baikala, they are among the more difficult to get. Plus we are making it extra hard on our ourselves by going for CB.
  14. Another 31st and I got next to nothing (1 adult zombie, 2 revived gendered hatchies that grew up immediately out of 34(!!) attempts). And that while I was prepared like I had never been prepared before because I don't actually need that many more to reach my first goal of one per sprite. I had 12 s1, 4 ungendered s2 and 8 gendered s2 hatchies. I specifically got multiples of the s1 and ungendered ones thinking that going by my previous success rate that would increase the chance of getting the specific sprites I was looking for but apparently not. I don't know if this month was just an extreme outlier (probably, because my usual success rate is more like 1/8 to 1/10) but 0 out of 24 is a bit devastating considering how much time especially the s1 hatchies take up on my scroll. It also stings quite a bit because of the unbreedables wasted and the more uncommon ones, like the Eastern Pygmys and the BaikaIas, too. I have yet to decide if I'm going to do it all over again this month or if I'm going to take a bit of a break and focus on other things to do or if I reduce the number of attempts to 1 or 2 per sprite. After all, I'm not missing that many sprites anymore so what is another month or two in the grand scheme of things. 🤷‍♀️ The one success that I got out of the killed adults cheered me up a little (mind you, it was in the 2nd batch of kills, so I went 0/29 at first and was feeling very down). But here she is at least: female Pygmy Wyrm Quick question at the end: I know that after a successful revival you can never kill and revive an adult again. How does it work with a hatchie that dies, is revived and grows up? Is it possible for those to die and be revived twice, once as a hatchie and then again as an adult? Probably not, I assume? Has anyone tried it?
  15. Thank you both so much! I'm feeling a bit dumb now. But in my defence, I had trouble seeing the ponds at all on my laptop screen after I placed them, contrast obviously not that great... Loved him from the moment I first saw him and was impatiently waiting for some Mana to drop to get him.
  16. Aww, I'm going to pretend it is based on my idea. I just pacified my Claudius again, let's see how long that will last... Can someone explain if and how the Pond Banks (as in the little triangle) are supposed to be layered with any of the other Ponds? I can't seem to figure it out...
  17. First of all, let me apologize for the wall of text that is to follow. It is a bit ridiculous that a lot of this is still relevant 3 years later, but a lot of good points have been made during this time so I would like to express support for at lot of them by quoting them since they express my opinion, probably better than I can. I completely agree with this. Plus remembering the year of first release means that you have to be able to visualize a kind of timeline in order to know what came before and after. I would never have been able to tell straight away, which year the 'Solstices' were released. But I immediately know that 'Solstices' are the first blue Holiday dragons if they come up in conversation. After all, does it matter to a player when a dragon was released? We don't have to remember that for normal releases, either. (In fact, I recently had trouble to remember which breeds were released for DCs last birthday but that doesn't mean I don't actually know the breeds released.) And is it necessary to remember that kind of information? As of today, there are now 223 breeds in cave. That is an awful lot of information already and it is only going to be more and more with the release of new breeds. (The Encyclopedia might need to be restructured as well, currently it loads 4 times the amount of images that is the default setting of dragons per page on mobile, making it difficult so search for certain things, as it involves a lot of scrolling.) So I would at least like to see an alteration made to the name and at least include the 'unofficial' name somewhere. This. When the Holiday dragon 2007 was released, nobody could have known that every Christmas in subsequent years a new Holiday breed would be released so them not having a unique breed name was not such a big deal then. And apparently that is also not entirely true if Silvanon called them 'Noel dragons'. (I would like to argue here that this name is not a good option as it is synonymously used for Christmas which in turn kind of refers to all the Christmas/Holiday breeds in my opinion.) One might even argue that it made sense lore-wise to have them all grouped together as 'Holiday dragons' with them being 'mysterious' and 'elusive' back when scroll limits only allowed for two of each kind per scroll, period, but that was abolished 5 years ago now. I am wondering about this, too. Did the Halloween and Valentine dragons always have their own unique description or was that added later on and we always knew their intended names because the spriters told us? I seem to remember that at least the Valentine dragons all had the same Valentine-flavored description. (There must have been more than two lines for the Valentine 2009 dragon at one point, surely?) I can support this, after all I have custom sorted all the Holiday dragons at the end of my scroll to have them all together. I would also like to see that reversed for the Valentine and Halloween dragons as well for the sake of consistency but I would rather have the Winter Holiday dragons have their 'unofficial' name used than insisting on this. It seems it might be a 'all or none' problem. I wonder though, has Silvanon been asked about this issue? Quite a few of her other sprites have had redraws, the most recent being the Red Dragon; was that done with spriter's consent? The site (=you) might have, but its userbase probably not. And why treat Halloween and Valentine's differently then as in breed sort them under their own name and not as a subcategory if they are all the same? Why not make alterations for all of them at once? That, I think, is the key problem that led to this discussion in the first place. If that is the one thing it all comes down to, then I suggest that it should be done just as it is for the Valentine 2009 dragon. Simply keep the Holly (seriously, who refers to them as Noel? At which point does something become common property?) as Holiday dragon 2007. In that way the inconsistencies would be kind of consistent if that makes sense. The first Holiday dragons are unique anyway, what with Vampires as the first of the Halloween dragons being unbreedable and able to 'procreate' year-round. (Of course you can make the argument here that exceptions to rules are already made which can be interpreted both ways.) So what you are saying is that the spriters/creators/anyone need to come up with a description and this might happen anyway making all of this moot. ('Fleshing out' is also a matter of definition, considering the Valentine 2009 dragons have a description of two lines!) I know a lot of things here happen in due time, it would just be nice to know a rough timeline, I guess. Something like 'The spriters have already been contacted and been asked to come up with a description; once that is done, changes will be made.'
  18. As per the instructions: So as long as you don't need to move damaged things around to build your dream fort, repairing is not essential. I still would like to see everything at least once without any damage just to decide if I like the final product. Bit hard to tell with all the destruction. I was wondering about that, too. You don't actually need it to access the start screen, you can just reload the page, but currently there is no option to remove it anyway. I thought of putting a cabin around it as it is possible to put the roof over it (might be a bug, though?), but then a cabin out of wood is also slightly out of place in my ice fortress. So far, I'm compromising by putting it in the right corner, where I won't have to see much of it once I put the ice walls up... When I was leveling up, thankfully snow cannons were enough. I was not a fan of the whole attacking business either and haven't done any since I reached level 50. And since we get to 'keep' our fort I would like it to be as neat as possible, a sibling to the one of 2013, basically.
  19. I think it is among the last items you unlock considering that you also need Mana to buy it which is the last of the resources to be unlocked and even then it took hours for me to get it in a drop...
  20. Good to see you've come around to it! Now it's me who is not entirely happy... I would love to but resources are still a little sparse around here. Also, who destroyed Claudius and why does he let that happen?
  21. Bite is still available once you've used up your kill slots. (What happens afterwards though, if I were to kill an egg now via bite, would only four of my kill slots come back?) This inconsistency hadn't even occurred to me until now but is glaring now. Personally, I haven't bitten anything in ages because I want and need all my kill slots for Zombie making (that is also the very reason why I would support increased kills based on trophy level, but that is a different topic...). I agree with @Stromboli that the 24-hour-slot-block is punishment enough for an accidental kill. It's probably all that literature on how Vampire bites 'work' that one automatically assumes that it is common knowledge that Vampire bites might be deadly.
  22. That would be great, thank you! (Not that I have the resources to put up an entire chess board. (And thank god I checked the game first, because I was going to complain about the scrolling again, too, kind of relating to this matter, but this seems to have been fixed , so thanks for that, too!))
  23. Leetle trees drop year round, in the Forest biome, I believe.
  24. I don't even know what that is, but I never would have thought that it wouldn't be possible to put the chess pieces (almost wrote cheese pieces there ) on the board. That ...... kind of defeats the purpose? Still waiting on the first drop of Mana here... I wanted Claudius. Claudius seems nice. Wonder if he could be destroyed though or would rather leave my fort before anyone attacks him... Or maybe destroyed items are just as good as dead dragons and he would turn enraged?