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  1. Merin turned to Nyroc. "Please, shut up. We are speaking in the ancient language." She then turned to Harvaal. "Alright, but if we do not find him, I will invade your mind, and force the memory out of you."
  2. Merin raised en eyebrow. She combined her mind with Azhi Dahaki and was prepaired to invade Harvaal's mind, if he did not go willingly. "Send me an image of this traitor, and he will soon join you." She smirked. [super busy this past week in real life, and I wont be on at all next week because of vacation.]
  3. Haha, plot accepted, and I think wife and children.
  4. She nodded. "Why did Trunt agree to help you? And are you telling me his real name?"
  5. She sighed, exasperated. "You know what I meant. Tell me the name."
  6. "Who assisted you, assassin?" She leaned forward, tapping her fingers on her chair.
  7. [Good Lord! I just remembered about this old thing! Lol. Anyone still here? And nah, that's a good plot, but they are all too young.]
  8. "Yes I have. Now to get to the point, how exactly did you get into my kingdom, much less this far?" Merin asked, eyes narrowed. Azhi Dahaki growled softly.
  9. Good lord! I am soooooooooooo inactive on this site! Urg! I am happy to say, I am back for good! I know I've said this before, but I mean it now. . Everybody is accepted! Thank you all so much for waiting for me! I luffs you all! And yes, horses like sugar, but I personally love cookies! .
  10. "Harvaal. Hmm, I've heard of you. You're pretty famous." Merin decided that if he was going to be polite, and answer everything in the ancient language, why shouldn't she? But then again, he did try and kill her. That was no reason to be rude, though, was it?
  11. [That is the first thing I have pointed out. You really don't have to get all overreacted.] Merin shook her head slightly. "I have time." Merin leap up to sit on Azhi Dahaki, as there were no other seats in the room. "From now on everyone must speak in the ancient language. Not a word is to be uttered in elvish or human, or dwarf for that matter!" She twirled a finger around her hair, which was still in a braid. "Now, spy, what is your name?" She did not speak accusingly, although Merin could get pretty riled up if need be.
  12. Merin quickly placed a spell on all the doors and windows, making escape impossible. She drew apon Azhi Dahaki's strength. Azhi Dahaki leaned forward eyeing the Spy. 'And you should really be more caref around a dragon. I could roast you alive.' He snorted.
  13. [sooo sorry guys! I was grounded from all electronics and just got them back. I read over your posts, and I noticed that when you were describing Nico walk in, everyone was greeting him with respect? Well, he is not really that high up on the elves scales. Normally he would be making the respectful greeting to them. I know it is small, but I just wanted to point that out.] Merin and Azhi Dahaki followed. Merin glanced around her before stepping into the small room. A slight smile played on her lips as the spy addressed Nico. "Nico!" She said sharply. "Let me handle this." He was assuming too much authority. His authority amounted to the authority of a commoner in her kingdom. She did not like the way he was just assuming command. Of course, he was still to be treated correctly, as being the only free human in Riag. "So tell me, spy, will you answer our questions?"
  14. Merin Merin smiled and nodded, sliding down Azhi Dahaki's broad back. [extremely low muse. sorry!]
  15. I'd like a harvest dragon one, if you wouldn't mind. Of course, get to the people who asked you first, but yeah..
  16. [Azhi Dahaki is cream colored, not white (;] Azhi Dahaki Azhi Dahaki snapped his wings out a few feet from the ground and they soared up a few feet before gliding gracefully to the ground. 'Hope you enjoyed your flight, please exit the dragon in a mannerly fashion.' He said, eyes twinkling. Azhi Dahaki laughed.
  17. [Please, don't cuss or I will have to start passing out bans... Cussing with your characters is fine, I'd prefer it to be starred out, but I am ok with it. But, you as the player cussing is not ok with me. I don't know any of you in RL, and in your life this may be fine, but not in mine and I'd appreciate it if you respected that. Thanks guys!] Merin Merin threw back her hands, only holding on with her knees. She trusted Azhi Dahaki with her life, and more. He was her life. Her stomach dropped as Azhi Dahaki snapped his wings to his side and barreled towards the earth. [sorry for the short post... Must dropped.]
  18. [You should stay. I can help you if you want?] Azhi Dahaki The large cream colored dragon shook, lightly jostling his rider, and her guests. He grinned, crouching down. 'Get ready!' He projected his thoughts in a shout. Merin was used to him, but her friends were not. Nico seemed a little nervous, although Nyroc seemed to have experience. In one thrust of his legs, Azhi Dahaki jumped straight up, snapping his wings open. It took a moment for him to gain altitude, but once he was higher in the air, the large dragon stretched his neck out and ceased flapping his wings. They were gliding high over the city.
  19. Thanks for the reminder Narath. I tend to be forgetful. And oh, no! Pinkprincessliz, your welcome to stay. I hope those things I told you to change weren't the reason you wanted to leave. I'd be happy to tutor you if you want it.
  20. [Please use correct grammar, role-play in third person, italicise the thoughts of your dragon, and please, please don't start plots without my consent, pinkprincessliz. Everyone, PM all plot ideas to me. Honestly, I didn't like the assassin idea. I mean, I like it, but I didn't like that no one notified me first. All plots must be PMed to me before being carried out.]
  21. [We both did a bit of power playing there, you controlling Azhi Dahaki, and me making him read Nico's mind. Although you didn't clearly state that he had a mental barrier. Eh, whatever. It's fine. I'm at the dentist right now, so I can't respond right away. I've been sitting here sense 1:45 and I am so bored. They haven't called my appointment yet.]