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  1. My two eggs hatched and I updated my post with the result. The incomplete teleport did not take effect.
  2. it'll take 1-2 days before I'll see the results but I'm testing out teleport, to see if they turn orange. OA1Rs - I had a friend get the egg from me via teleport and then have them teleport it back to me with their Magi. Edit: turned orange 0WbWH - Used teleport on it, canceled said teleport (this was a mistake but oh well). Then used incubate on it. Then I used a teleport on it, but did not cancel and wil keep the private trade up right until the egg hatches. Edit: turned red
  3. people seem to notice them staying pink if a bsa is not used on them. Maybe that means if we use influence -but no other bsa- on them, they'll just stay pink, to. Because influence has no affect and all.
  4. influence doesn't seem to affect the eggs in any way, so in the first case incubate was the only bsa triggered. and it seems that the last bsa used is the one that affects the color, maybe that's why precog made it blue even though incubate was used before it.
  5. It's like Tinibree said. During Halloween 2019 Arcana dragons were difficult to come by in the AP and the Halloween biome. Now in 2020 they were more accessible.
  6. I see a crown above the more "divine" Pitfire. I also see it as a more skeletal figure, which might or might not be an actual alternate look to what a Pitfire would look like if it were "divine." I also see the fiery "mane" that was first seen in the "reflection" in the reference. All in all, it seems like maybe Pitfires can "ascend" to a more brute, hellish looking appearance, maybe after specific criteria are met. This reminds me that there has been one BSA for a Holiday dragon before (save for Vampires) - the Aegis, the 2015 christmas dragon. If there were dead eggs or graves on
  7. I noticed in the Valkamarean Tales this year that Avery was wearing a different outfit. In Nulhora's story -Festive Expeditions- he was wearing "Blusang robes" and was temporarily at one point shown "as a Water Mage", as stated in the Wiki. But in this game he wore something resembling a fire-themed outfit. Does it have any lore significance? Or was it just an artistic liberty, for it to go more with the theme of the temple he accompanied Sanda to, which was all Desipis-themed, hence the dark browns/blacks and orange. (He looked great in them, and I loved his sword.) If it does have a
  8. @ / Shokomon You're welcome! ___ I said it before already, but I'll say it again, I fell in love with Valkamarian Tales: The Lost City this year. The lore, the writing, its art and ost. There were little lore details hidden everywhere, that brought the world to life. The dragons sprinkled everywhere that you can interact with and the things they said, the people in the Desert city that explained a lot of fun facts about magicians in the world: how they're all honest folk (and Sanda proves they are so), how the other day there was a magical teleportation incident (a
  9. Good thinking, @ ShorahNagi, Laura-Borealis, infiniteviking ! I'm pretty sure it's "sand," then. I forgot about Snowa's name. I wouldn't be surprised to see the next main character's name follow in the same vein 😄
  10. How is Sanda's name pronounced? Is it pronounced like "Sand-ah", formed from the word "sand," maybe because they woke up in the desert? (pronounced also like: "Santa", "panda") Or is it like "Saw-n-dah," as in "Sa-" pronounced like the word "saw". Or is it pronounced like something else?
  11. I saw those teeth, Sanda. I saw them. Can't hide the truth under that hood anymore, Sanda. I just love all the lore and love that was poured into this game. Sanda's design reminds me of the Black Mages from old Final Fantasy games, just with added unique details that make it special, not like anything I've ever seen before, and memorable!
  12. God, thank you, SO MUCH for Valkamarian Tales, they bring joy into my heart every single time THANK YOU!!! for gifting such a wonderful experience
  13. All of my Aeons: https://dragcave.net/group/17258 I often use Precognition. Will add more if I get them. All of my 2020 xenos: https://dragcave.net/group/17260 I'll keep it updated.
  14. My best so far. Starting point and defeated
  15. Thank you so much for this! Love this event! Happy New Year 2019, everybody!
  16. Alright, thank you for the response!
  17. Is there some way to have names of all dragons on scroll mass-removed? I want to start fresh and pick new names for all dragons on my scroll, but removing the names of 3000+ dragons seems daunting. Is a mass removal of dragon names possible (excluding any penalties to the player)? Perhaps through some sort of admin Contact Us / Service Ticket form, or with the help of site mods? Or some other way? Or is manual one by one removal of names by the player the only acceptable way?
  18. How likely is it still to catch a CB winter magi or CB wrapping wing Eggs from the AP? I forgot I had those frozen before, and so missed out on them D: is it worth it to hunt the AP for these eggs or is trading my only hope now?
  19. Chrome sans Javascript and Images is what helped me get both of my hollies, thanks to the advice posted many pages back! Tenacity and stupid luck, too.
  20. Hey, before the breeding season is over, does anyone need some 2nd gens ? Because I would like to breed these with something but personally I have everything I need, so I don't know what to breed them to. PM to ask me if I can help you ! ( I hope it is ok to post something like this D: )
  21. TailedThief

    Z Project

    Zs Looking for new Homes, Gifts. Code zRhN2 2nd gen female purebred Caligene Owner: Metal-n-Monster Code ZAHHe 3rd gen checker Correctly Gendered Desipis from Electric (m) x Desipis (f) Owner: purplehaze You're both very welcome
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    Z Project

    Z Gift Looking for a new Home. Code ZxB9O CB Omen male Hatchling Adopt! Owner: DoodleMax You're welcome!
  23. How convenient that the site started lagging as soon as the Glitch Dragon released!! And it only keeps getting worse as they grow!! I love this, be it a complete coincidence or totally planned reminds me a bit of the Vampires' release, which i loved because of its legit creepiness.