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  1. I realize that. I was just wondering how many of the new eggs we can adopt... And it would be nice if people would quit swarming the biomes. I'll check back. All I want is just my 2 eggs!
  2. Caught all 6?! O.o How many of the new egg are we allowed? Hope it's just 2.
  3. I thing I cannot get are the Omen dragon eggs. They go faster than what I can do to click. Not doing so hot on the event, though. XD *sighs*
  4. So... working to not be egg-locked, I accidentally kill the only pinkie I stole! *sobs* I'm so sad and I can't get any other ones atm.
  5. Oh sweet!!! Thank you for letting me know. I came in today to check on my eggs and hatchies and to get them into the ER and loved finding out that DC has a birthday a few days before mine. Happy Hatchday, DC!!!
  6. Will the eggs be available until the end of the month? I'm egg-locked atm. I did pick up a few of the birthday releases, but want to be able to get all of them.
  7. It's a very pretty dragon... but one can only appreciate its beauty when one is able to get at least 4 eggs... which I have not been able to! >.< I got some of the other egg (love the silver colour).
  8. The eggs spawn every 10 minutes. I found it a bit easier to go to a biome that has less people stalking it than the rest. All, BUT the Halloween biome, will have the new eggs.
  9. Ok, thank you! I was looking in the wrong place. Lol
  10. What do these eggs look like? The abandoned group has all the old ones and the biome also has the old ones.
  11. I never do get the total amount of items. I just do the game as I really enjoy it.
  12. Wonderful player sent one to me! Thank you so much for my new Eggie. I actually had fun with the random path event this year.
  13. Erk... if only I could get an Omen wyrm egg. Every time I try, it's been snipered. All I want is just 1-2 eggs before the event ends. >.<
  14. What do you mean? There aren't any regular eggs in the biomes at all! They're empty atm.
  15. Wow! After fighting others, I got 3 eggs from Alpine, but the Ashen ones were harder. I wasn't able to get any and people are camping in the biomes. XD