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  1. Lagie: *physically distanced hugs*. Other than that, I have no words 😞
  2. Lagie, all that is just ... ... there really aren't any adequate words at all. I really hope you get it all quietened down ASAP (in hope rather than expectation). On your point about not being vaccinated - it's partly misinformation and how fast it is spreading that's the problem. I read a Guardian report the other day (afraid I can't find the link, d'oh) about how it has managed to spread. The basic idea is that similar to a scam/fraud scenario, the 'mark' (in this case re covid conspiracy theories) gets pulled in and then is so ashamed that they just dig in deeper. It's not exactly alike, but I can see the similarities. The result? Someone called a cooler (a mark's "trusted" person, who was put in place to befriend the mark) has to change their mind THEN that cooler can change the mark's mind - an outside 'agent' won't be able to influence the mark to any real degree as they're not in the mark's "network" of influence. I hope that makes sense. (Here - not as dire but still pretty ... ok ... very ... bad - cases up above 30k again - we're bumping around 20-30k per day. Hospitalisations up, deaths up ... ambulance services in some places are being helped by military because they're under so much pressure ... yep. For a so called developed country ... ye gods, we're in a mess - and going into the autumn, schools will be going back in about 3 weeks ... Not Fun).
  3. Goof grief, that is horrifying! *48 Pages of obituary* (my head can't even compute that). *hugs virtually* I am glad that people are queuing for the vaccination - that is so positive!
  4. Oh Lagie, that all is awful. I hope things start to improve soon - very soon - for you.
  5. Kestra, that really is awful. Please do what you can, and keep yourself as healthy and so on as you can.
  6. Oh unholy ... what a Mess! it looks like it's all going to the proverbial in a handbasket, whichever place you care to look. At this point, all I can say is stay safe everyone; hands, face, space, and may the odds be ever in your favour (NGL, it does feel a bit Hunger Games out there) - *promptly searches for the Exit* (cases rising here since Wednesday, and also number of tests increasing too ... ...)
  7. Oh nu, Lagie 😢 that uptick in the rate is horrible - hopefully it'll settle down soonest for you all! And eesh, those vaccination stats are ... ... ... definitely stay safe and all that! Astreya - oh dear, it looks like things have accelerated again - I hope, rather than expect, it doesn't turn into a big spike after all, unlikely a hope as this is. As to vaccinations - I saw your stats, and was impressed with the tininess of the gap between first and second (I know it's down to vaccination schedule) - but it's a shame that the overall vaccination rate has slowed. Here in the UK, the rate has fallen, but so has the number of tests done - as well as it being a Monday, when the data are always lower owing to fewer reports being made over the weekend ... so the data ... are dubious to say the least.
  8. Those Vac numbers are VERY nice 🥳 Applauds Astreya - yep to ALL that! I'll also add that it appears, from preliminary data that ME (and *sometimes* organ system damage not usually found with ME) caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection ""seems"" to be more prevalent the younger you are, though this could be data skew. Given the strains on health systems already, it makes no sense to keep bumping along with lots of cases in young people who will take a long time to recover (my mum has ME and I can safely say it's extremely unpleasant), wrecking their development in the process. (also measles ... you're right measles and shingles are definitely not harmless ... I kinda want to observe that measles, mumps and rubella are really NASTY ... BUT because we get vaccinated, they are less of a problem - if you were a teen in the 1950s or earlier, the effects of M/M/R infection would have been highly visible - and we've "forgotten" all that - we honestly don't know just how lucky we are to have at least controlled these and all the others like diphtheria, etc (I know that there are serious outbreaks and all that is down to ... vaccine hesitancy).
  9. Lagie - *hisses at the numbers and the misinformation being passed round in your area* I really hope people don't listen to that rubbish and I really hope as many people as possible do get vaccinated! Astreya - it's pretty much the same line of reasoning here too - I agree with your assessment - if children can be infected and transmit it, then leaving them unvaccinated (unless there is a medical reason why they can't have a vaccination) is a sure fire way of allowing a higher baseline of infection within the population (and allowing vaccine escape to happen quicker and easier). Also: here, children have been expected to isolate after a positive test result - the results of which are that many children have missed school because they were in the same bubble/close contact of said positive case. Disruption to education (and all the rest as well) is damaging, and could easily be limited by the simple act of vaccination. Here, today, it's reported that international travel quarantine is being scrapped for the EU and US (even though the CDC say: Do Not Travel To The UK) ...
  10. Argh, started writing last night and then basically collapsed in a heap ... and a lot happened since I posted! Astreya - agreed - so much - you're right that people get complacent - it only takes one case and whoosh! Exponential growth happens! Things turn around so fast (like this wave we're currently going through here in the UK). (I unfortunately have a LOT to say about this 😔) The issues here in the UK are several fold - a lot of cases were/are in school age (up to age 18) people - who haven't been vaccinated (it's been approved but other decisions are ... very slow to be made) - it's now the summer break and testing in schools is finished. Secondly, the football, tennis and I *think* horse racing events meant a lot more social mixing, with alcohol involved (they were so called "pilot" events); add in travel, plus a crucial test and trace error at a crucial point and you have perfect conditions for Sars-CoV2 to spread - especially as Delta is so transmissible. Finally, Delta arrived here because of loose border controls (a totally avoidable political decision). We also have yet to see what the data will be like from the 19th ""reopening"" and motor racing at Silverstone - we've had 7 days of falling cases so far but testing has decreased, and hospitalisations are trending upwards, albeit from a fairly low but not at all great base. That all said: cases rose very quickly and it's possible the mathematical modellers really put the wind up people by saying that they thought that we could be seeing an average of 100,000 cases per day and at worst 200,000 cases per day over the summer. It **seems** people have been sensible so far ... but *for how much longer* (gets extremely nervous). As Kestra so amply demonstrates - the situation is still unnecessarily dire for all the medics who've been in this thing the whole way through (which I can only begin to understand and imagine the toll it's taking). That graphic is poignant and very powerful, Kestra - I really hope you DON'T have to do this all day, every day for the long term; Astreya is right - I couldn't agree more and I couldn't have said it better - especially the last part. Thanks Lagie - I appreciate that - this is one wild ride and please can we get off now, lol! Apologies for the wall of text everyone!
  11. I've been following this thread - just never had the nerve to comment before. Lagie - those numbers are very bad - I hope your islands are soon able to get the number of vaccination doses you need for y'all to be safe. Astreya - those numbers aren't bad - I hope that small increase doesn't accelerate into larger numbers. Reluctant inmate of the ungreat British experiment here - I know hospitalisations have increased again today, which doesn't bode well. Kestra - that's awful news about the Covid Pod - I sincerely hope you will not need 24 beds. I know how hard you and your colleagues are/have been working, and the pressure you're all still under - I really hope you and yours get the R & R you need soon. Stay safe and thank you for all that you do.
  12. Have Chicken - please could I swap for a CB Thursday or Friday Gemshard or a CB blue sapphire? Linky Thanks
  13. Now I'm imagining these new drakes at a luau and doing a hula dance or something. Possibly with mocktails or whatever too.
  14. Have: CB Yellow Zyu Paper Dino LF CB new colour Gemshard or CB Sapphire (priorities to Gemshard though) please and thanks Yellow Zyu Paper Red Dino
  15. Have 2G Prize - who is looking for a new forever home. I am looking for CB new colour gemshards please (I have none at all) I totally understand that timing is an issue, so, DMs welcome, if you're interested. Linky I also have 2 CB ND - one looking for CB Pink sapphire and the other looking for the best offer of CB Tutela or Motus - DMs welcome ND for Pink Sapphire ND for Tutela or Motus Best Offer
  16. H: CB Umbra Searching for (because I can't count proper) a CB Aquilo with time to influence please and thanks Linky
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  18. Hiya - please could I get a blood swap - it's a 5G seasonal from Spring start - it's a long shot, I know. I'll decline if I have any related - DMs are welcome. Thanks muchly Woah, that was quick! Traded thank you 🤗
  19. Have: 2G Gold from Radiant Angel - looking for a bloodwap please and thanks (I will check to see if it's related to any of mine in this group here - alternatively, DMs welcome) TRADED, THANK YOU SO MUCH (That was SUPER quick!)
  20. I too have had tombstones today - on trade creation but also on egg catching from the AP
  21. You guys, please could you help out? I am trying to get a black outta labradorite (bottom part of a heart), and ... I keep getting labradorites. Please could you breed labradorite and also venturis to the AP to help? Also, if you could just say how many eggoes you get (as breeding RNG seems to be rather ahem well ... a dog's breakfast rn), that would be awesome. Your help is greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks so much Ruby Eyes - interesting results! As you can see, I have made a rod for my own back, but the last two bits? I need to coax a Black from Venturis and also a Black from Labradorite - they are the last bits I need to complete for it to be "plain sailing" to the finish.
  22. Mucho late, I appreciate this - I wondered if anyone has a Winter x Mistle pair that could to go with https://dragcave.net/lineage/7ciOt, please? Got one thank you!
  23. I have 2 x 4G Winter from Spring start - looking for bloodswaps please and thank yous Linky #1 Linky #2
  24. Hi, could I ask that you breed your labradorites and venturis to the AP please? I am in need of some ratio help (it may take ... some time -- I need a black from both for the bottom part of a heart lineage). Thanks in advance!