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  1. 1 minute ago, DragonLady86 said:

    So, the problem with spazz-clicking for hunting is sometimes you lock yourself with too many of one breed and can't get another.  /sigh.  Managed 3 alpine and 3 volcano (and 2 forests)  so now I have to wait 5+ hours to get a coast pair.  /sigh


    Block your open egg spots with AP eggs so you save spaces.

  2. I want to participate!

    Scroll ID: UnicornBlues

    Form of Contact: PM

    Forum ID: UnicornBlues

    Have you Purposely killed any dragon eggs? Why? Yes, to Gift a Vampire request. sad.gif :[/b




  3. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO THUNDERSKY86 for my Magi!!! biggrin.gif She is truley coming to a house of window's and will make a wonderful edition to the family!!!




    Also, Thank You Stealthypugs for the wonderful story!!! biggrin.gif