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  1. still not working :'( nevermind, it took awhile but after a few minutes it started working again, thanks!
  2. incubate isnt working for me, like i go to incubate and when it asks for password confirmation when i hit the button to confirm it doesn't do anything. like the link is broken or something. is this just me?
  3. *excited screaming* Scroll: sparkle26 Breeder: DesertAnubis Signodextra: Thetalis x Aylis
  4. Alright thanks, its quite alright, I can be patient with breeding, I just get worrired when I havent heard anything in awhile
  5. Hey I filled out this request a while back and for awhile I saw some updates on breeding, but I haven't heard or received anything for awhile, did the request get lost or forgotten somewhere?
  6. It looks like i missed the first raffle, but ill be keeping an eye out for any future ones
  7. I like this idea, especially for allowing people who froze cb holidays to unfreeze them. even if this never gets implemented on a wide scale as a feature, I think people should definitely at least have the opportunity to unfreeze their CB holidays.
  8. guys just fyi there is a GIANT White x Black checkerboard egg currently in TJ's take and leave site. just thought you guys would want to know since it may be useful to your project. If no one grabs it before my scroll unlocks, I may grab it and hold onto it to give to anyone in this project that wants it. EDIT: *frustrated gurgling* never mind its ridiculously inbred... *sigh* sorry I was trying to be helpful but it turn out i was wrong
  9. I want to sign up! Forum name: AvianCrow Scroll name: sparkle26 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold or Neglected 2. CB Spessartine 3. Undine Alt 4. CB Nebula (egg or red) 5. 2G Nebula from M Gold (egg or red) 6. BSA Hatchling(s) Breeding abilities: I can breed PB or non-PB 2g silvers, 2g trios, a lovely low gen copper + gold checker, 2G Avatars, 4g shimmers, a ton of different copper lineages (including 2G PB of any color), 2G blusangs etc etc and some other cool stuff. No 2G golds tho :,( Catching abilities: i cant really catch anything like cb gold or silvers, but i can semireliabl
  10. Im not sure if were supposed to wait for a period after requesting an egg before request something from a different pair or not so disregard this if i made some mistake Scroll: sparkle26 Breeder: DesertAnubis Signodextra: Zenos Signodextra (Gold Shimmer) x Lyniria (Silver) Obviously id prefer if the offspring was a shimmer, but ill take whatever offspring i can get
  11. oh wow sweet. I've kind of just been grabbing what I can and not paying a ton of attention to codes
  12. oohhhh a halloween griffin I like that idea
  13. are we still going to be able to use potions if we have any left after halloween if over or will they disappear/stop working? because I want to hoard a ton of the copper cleaning potions and just use them during the year to see the prettiness
  14. TWO pairs of eyes?!!? *faints* omg this is fantastic
  15. Yeah same, like i said this is usually pretty rough for me but im on my ipad and ive only got one mpre egg to catch before my scrolls filled. Maybe youre on to something and the mobile site is faster right now
  16. Usually my internet if slow as butt so i have trouble catching holidays, but so far ive got 5 eggs in 20 minutes, im on a roll whoop!
  17. Scroll: sparkle26 Breeder: DesertAnubis Signodextra: Thetalis Signodextra (GoN) x Haszani (Nhiostrife) Reason: this lineage looks hecka cool and hecka fun and i want to join in on it. I will not bite, freeze, neglect, earthquake, abandon, or kill any offspring i get. Ill put Signodextra in its name.
  18. You find your portfolio, but coffee has been spilt all over it. I wish college apps were easier...
  19. Since it is the gaurdian of nature, it will create a leetle tree! But giving birth to the tree kills your dragon... My eggs keep turning green and dying should i get rid of the green ones?
  20. Banned for being homestuck trash meenahs the best tho
  21. Usually meds wont affect your sexuality, but they can affect your sex drive. Ur still probs pan just with low sex drive. The line between sex drive and sexual attraction can be difficult sometimes tho so idk. As for myself im asexual demi-romantic