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    Aevi ~ Ze/Zem/Zyr or Se/Sem/Syr pronouns

    Wish List:
    ~CB or nice gen Gold
    ~2G Bronze Shimmer from M Swallowtail
    ~other 2G Prizes
    ~CB Red Nebula or 2G Red Nebula from gold x red neb
    ~any offspring from Red Copper x Gold
    ~Silver x Thalassa Xeno (Silver and thalassa offspring only, no other xenos)
    ~Space related codes
    ~Any codes containing "Aevi" or "Avian" or "Aevien" or some variant
    ~any codes with the word "watch"
    ~Things that help me fufill my IOUs

    I always want/consider:
    ~Sweetling Hatchlings
    ~Shadow Walker Hatchlings
    ~BSA Hatchlings
    ~Alt Undine Hatchlings
    ~Codes that resemble words or sound like names

    pm me if you would like me to breed something from my scroll for you. I can breed pretty much any of my dragons as long as I have space and they aren't too rare. I breed rares and new releases for something from the list above or for free for people who don't have one yet or have little lineage preference.

    I Owe:
    ~CB Green Copper to Namii
    ~CB Xeno (Chrono or Gaia, maybe thalassa) to Namii

    I am owed:
    ~3(+?) 2G Holidays I don't have yet from dsnet06
    ~1-2 CB Coppers from Bankotsu
    ~2G Silver from Silver x Silver Lunar Herald from glytchling
    ~2G Sweetling from Silver from cajunsun
    ~*S* from Prince_Xianthus