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  1. ~ EmmieSage's Wishlist ~ CAVE BORNS Two-headed Lindwurm [purple] Aeon Wyvern Baikala Blusang Lindwurm Bauta Candelabra [m] Chicken Copper [rainbow: m / liver of sulfur: m / verdigris] Dark Lumina [f] Diamondwing [m] Fell [f] Fire Gem [blue / red / green] Gemshard [jade / azure / ruby: m] Gold Honey Drake [h] Ice [f] Kingcrowne [f] Lunar Herald [gold: f / silver] Magma Nexus Paper Kyanite Pygmy [f] Pyralspite [almandine / spessartine] Seasonal [spring: m / summer: f] Silver Thunder Xenowyrm [astrapi / chrono / gaia / mageia / pyro / thalassa] Zyumorph Dino [blue / green / purple / red / yellow]
  2. Yep, looks like it's the final story instalment. Just finished it and got told I was now in Free Play Mode and all side quests are repeatable for extra furniture.
  3. When I first won my HM prize I chose a CB Soulpeace partly because I adore them but also partly because I thought CB Soulpeace x CB Solstice would make for an awesome pairing. So of course when my only adult CB Solstice (my other CB I derped and froze before realising the holiday limits had changed) refused to go near my Soulpeace I was devastated. Worst refusal ever. I'm so thankful refusals are removed for holiday breeding, at least I can share the beauty of the pairing once a year, but I'm still pretty sad they'll never have Soulpeace babies.
  4. Oh man these dragons are stunning I must hunt for a pair for each of my Xenos!
  5. x I must trythis pairing with my CB boy, it's quite fetching
  6. I definitely support this idea. I also think this is a much better solution for people who support unfreezing previously frozen hatchlings because the want 2 adult CB holiday dragons. (I'm looking at you, frozen Solstice hatchling I froze before reading the new limit rules. And you, my only CB adult Solstice who refused my CB Soulpeace). Having old holiday releases mixing in with the regular drop in the week leading up to said holiday is a really neat idea, except if Halloweens remain unlimited and mix in with the regular drop I can see this becoming an absolute blood bath! Releasing old holiday's to mix in with the new holiday drop on the last day also works and I think would somewhat lessen the insanity of trying to get Halloweens. As much as I'd like a limit on Halloweens to give everyone a better chance at grabbing a few, I don't think it makes much sense given they have never been limited before and the reason behind there unlimited nature.
  7. To be fair the Winter Solstice does occur in July in the Southern Hemisphere (Australian here) so I don't think breeding in July would be detrimental to the Solstice Dragon's origins. However, I don't agree on having a holiday release in July as we have enough already, but an event of some kind would be pretty good (I'm just a sucker for DC events). Winter can be such a dull time, an event would really help liven up the lull, both IRL and on DC.
  8. I think there's something wrong with my male Canopies?!
  9. Yep one of my favourites.
  10. Hey guys so to all those keeping an eye-out for my CB Soulpeace, officially introducing my baby (yes I'm joining the party late ). Congrats to all the winners and I hope everyone had a fun raffle. Now to hope my luck continues and I someday win a CB Shimmer, a girl can dream right?!
  11. Ha ha I guess I'm just indecisive a Holly was tempting but I wished I could breed my Solstice with a CB Soulpeace since I saw their adult, in the end that lineage seemed to beautiful to refuse.
  12. It's done, I've asked for a Soulpeace I just can't resit all the pretty lineages one could make
  13. I think might ask for a Holly as I've never had any luck at getting one so far, or a Soulpeace
  14. Ooh a pretty CB Soulpeace would be awesome
  15. Checked my emails right away, no new messages from Dragon Cave, sees one in junk *fingers crossed* please let it be from TJ, opens it... OMG I got won an Honorable Mention!! Don't know what to pick, too many choices... Congrats to all the winners!
  16. I think the penalty should be some sort of failure rate, not when where if you attempt to unfreeze and fail that hatchling will forever remain frozen but instead you must wait until the action becomes available again before you can reattempt. I'd like frozen hatchings to become adults immediately upon unfreezing purely because this is the easiest way to ensure they cannot be trade, with lengthy time limits and cooldowns I dont think having it grow immediately would be like cheating the system at all.
  17. Oh god I accidentally reset my Gingerbread house last year right before the event closed, and as I was on my iPod at the time I wasn't fast enough and only managed to put snow on the roof, nothing else! I am so bummed about it as I had such an amazing looking house and I didn't even save a screenshot of it. So yeas please, to all events, I support.
  18. I agree a lot with Syphoneira's suggestion of it being part of the Heal proposed BSA for White's and agree it should only be able to be performed on hatchlings 1 year+ after there initial, with a month long scroll wide cooldown and the hatchling growing instantly into an adult. I believe this suggestion would deal with people's concern over abuse as this would only allow for a max of 12 unfrozen hachlings per year and a wait of at least one year before unfreezing can be attempted. The one problem I haven't seen discussed yet (sorry if it has and I haven't seen it) is if the hatchlings were to instantly unfreeze as an adult, what would frozen S1 hatchlings gender as? Or is the penalty for unfreezing that your S1 will instantly grow up as its assigned gender and there's is nothing you can do but take that chance? Just my thoughts on the matter
  19. I agree it should be a CB Christmas (and Valentine if the limits are also lifted) unfreeze only. I really don't see what's unfair about restricting it to Cave Born hatchlings, my reason being if you have a frozen bred hatchling with a lineage that you really like with no limit you can track down another/similar lineage and let it grow; where as someone with a frozen CB will never be able to get another. A one time instant unfreeze for all CB Christmas/Valentine dragons (preferably including any after the the limits were lifted but before the unfreeze) with unfrozen hatchlings instantly turning into adults sounds like the best plan. But a one time user unfreeze (also insta adult) would be very good.
  20. Wow these are gorgeous. I've only managed to snag one so far, hopefully I can grab another so I have a breeding pair.
  21. Just revived this little guy in a Zombie attempt, I think something went a bit wrong... 16003 days wha...
  22. Have: CB female Night Glory with an interesting code Need: CB female Day Glory Other CB hatchies PM me or Make an offer on my hatchling!
  23. http://dragcave.net/lineage/age2O I think this little eggies a bit beyond its years lol
  24. Have: CB Sunrise hatchling Want: CB Sunset hatchling or CB egg This is the 5th time in a row, I just want a sunset! PM me or make an offer on my hatchling!
  25. Have: CB male Neotropical CB Vampire Want: CB female Neoptropical Offers PM me or offer here!