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  1. Can't find pygmies in the AP for zombie experiments >.< Really wanting to find a kyanite, but I haven't seen them around since their release. Are they rare?
  2. 300 Cheeses?! That IS an achievement! I only have three ^_^
  3. !!!! Are we allowed to talk about this now? I remember for awhile NDs were a banned topic on the forums... My very first experiment to get an ND worked perfectly! The egg turned right on schedule, but then - Disaster in the form of a mis-typed password from my catcher. He didn't catch it in time to save the egg T_T And I've had no eggs turn since then. Thus, I have only one male Neglected, whom I received from the very generous Cinspawn! That ND is my pride and joy lol, though I hope someday I'll be lucky enough to get a few more to collect all the ND sprites!
  4. I'm trying to trade for a CB Magma. What is a fair offer? I've tried trading a 4G Silver Tinsel x Shadow from Spriter's Alt, but so far no interest.
  5. I want to accumulate market shards faster, so I don't have to choose between saving up for a Gold or Magma!
  6. That sucks. I haven't seen any dinos in a long time, either. I feel like unbreedables used to be dropped a little more often? I've caught a few dinos, but tbh I traded for most of the ones on my scroll.
  7. I am a bad example because I'm weird, but I'd offer something around a pretty lineaged 4-5G metallic/prize. I don't have heaps of luck trading, though, so I might be way off the mark lol.
  8. Thanks, Valura. Yeah, I don't think my employer acted lawfully, but since all of our energy has been focused on getting L&I to act appropriately, we just don't have the energy to consider legal action against my employer also. I don't want that job back, anyway. I feel that the HR department's response to me as well their communication with L&I since, even if legal has been retaliatory and I don't want to work in that kind of environment. I have a friend who still works for that company, and she's planning to quit soon, too, because she can't take the hostile environment which sadly is coming from the top down. As for the other situations I posted about, things have improved somewhat. I've been trying to practice meditation and such to keep myself calm. If I can learn to manage how I approach this challenge and not be so angry about it all the time, hopefully I'll start feeling better! I have generalized anxiety disorder, and I was beginning to recover, but this injury and the firing caused a sort of relapse. *deep breathing* *stay calm* *think of kittens and delicious tea* Anyway, I didn't mean to hijack the thread! Thanks for the support 😅
  9. So, awhile back I found some old papers that had gotten wet and then suffered mildew damage. Since they were sentimental, I packed them in a plastic bin (the lid was on but it was not airtight) and put a liberal amount of baking soda in with them. Then the bin sat and I forgot about it for gosh, nearly a year! Fast forward to today. The bin was not opened till now, and has been stored at room temperature, not exposed to water (although I live in a pretty humid area and its been a muggy summer). When opening the bin, a lot of mildew smell is gone, the papers are bone dry, and the baking soda of course has gotten everywhere. This is the weird part, though - on the outside and top of the bin, not the inside, are droplets that appear like beaded condensation, of a clear liquid that feels mildly greasy. It has dripped onto some of my other things, though it doesn't appear to have caused any damage beyond spreading a faint odor. Weirdly, it has a mild vinegar-y smell, sort of tangy but not sharp - it doesn't smell like the mildew at all. What odd chemical reaction is causing this? I have a zillion of these bins, and this is the only one doing this, so I assume its some sort of reaction caused by the baking soda. Is this water, or chemicals from the plastic, or something else entirely? Should I be worried about its toxicity? From what little I remember, baking soda is a base, so is this acid from somewhere fleeing the baking soda on the inside of the bin? I don't have enough knowledge, but I'm fascinated.
  10. What is a fair trade for 2 CB Dark Green females? I have a 7G stair Silver Shimmer with Purple up for trade, but no takers...
  11. I get the message saying I can't find anything... I wonder what the rules are, then, because zombies should be tombstones now, not prowling...
  12. Thanks! That is super helpful! =D
  13. Man, I wish I had enough shards to get a Gold, since the price is low now! I've only got 2200 shards at the moment. *fidgets with impatience* lol
  14. I'm feeling so depressed this week. I suffered a bad back injury in the spring, and so I filed a workman's comp claim through L&I. My employer responded by firing me. Also, L&I keeps denying the treatment my doctor recommends, so I'm just stuck in limbo. Fast forward to today, L&I denied a procedure literally four hours before it was scheduled to take place. I'm so frustrated. Besides that, I am awfully tired of being so limited in mobility. I can sit and walk but I can't stand for long periods. I have tickets to a concert in October, and the venue's website says I can exchange my regular ticket for ADA seating, but I'm confused. It won't let me purchase an ADA ticket, and I'm unsure if I can just show up in a wheelchair to the venue or if they wouldn't let me in. The venue is not responding to my emails asking for clarification, and I'm terrified I'm just going to run into things like "well if you can't walk, you shouldn't come" which is crap. I'm not paralyzed or anything, just limited. And I'm tired of being cooped inside all summer because this city is not set up for people with any kind of handicap. Not to mention being frustrated with my slow-healing body in general. I'm only mid-thirties but it feels like I'm sixty-something already because my body is healing at a snail's pace. I'm still unable to work, but when I do feel better L&I has told me they can get me a job as an office assistant. The problem is, that job position makes about $1200/month less than my old position as a project manager. Sorry to interrupt everyone else, I just needed to vent a bit.
  15. A dragon that is black with rainbow colors! Lol. And also for CB gold and silver to be cheaper in the market. I've never seen a CB gold in the cave, and its going to be another year before I can save up enough to buy the gold in the market. ^_^ oh well. Oh oh, or! A cave biome that only drops rare eggs, perhaps set on a randomized timer instead of with the rest of the biomes. That would be interesting and possibly fun.
  16. That is really awesome! I wonder how long it took to build that complete song lol.
  17. I like the combination of Coral Pygmies with Mints... if only heh. I think I'll match mine with Seawyrms, though 😃
  18. I have a Nebula x Spirit Ward pair for a lineage - I need them to produce a Nebula. They always breed Spirit, and the one time they bred a Nebula, I spazzed and influenced it the wrong gender 😧
  19. question: to unlock the undead sprites in the encyclopedia, do you have to click on them while they're visible on the scroll, or does clicking on their gravestone image work as well?
  20. Hmm... I think I have two nicely lineaged Thuweds and one from a spriter's alt, but they're like 8th/9th gen. If that's ok, could I have a reminder for this?
  21. I would be a Sapphire dragon.
  22. My Scroll name currently belongs to a male Black dragon! My first name IRL is a female Pink dragon, my middle name is a Rosebud dragon, and my last name is a male Neotropical! 😅 This is awesome!
  23. I laughed when I noticed the Antarean egg I caught last night has the code "nNOpe" I'm just picturing it in a perpetual state of panic!