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  1. I don't know the name of the song, but there's this song that comes on the radio at work that says something like "Dance with the lady with the hole in her stockings that'll make you feel good". I think it's sexually suggestive and totally inappropriate for a fast food restaurant that serves families and children. Management doesn't seem to notice or care. I HATE that song!!!!
  2. I only caught 2 of the gold ones, and they both gendered male. I hope I have better luck with the other colors!
  3. Looking forward to seeing the new 2015 pretty shiny things!
  4. Meet Fr0zN! Please don't quote me on the name yet, as it is subject to change!
  5. I would have to pick a White Tiger because cats are my favorite animals! <3
  6. Thanks to whomever it was that first provided the link to check if you win or not! (Sorry, this thread's too long for me to remember/follow all of it!) For future events, I think it would be better to have a link on top of the scrolls when you log in, like a banner/ribbon image that says something like, "Congrats! You Won! Click here to claim your prize"...for all those people with non-working e-mails that they used to register for the site and haven't checked in ages. Then if you don't win, you just wouldn't see the banner image. (I think it would suck to find out you won, but someone else got the egg since you couldn't get your e-mail open/forgot your password/it was deactivated from not being used in so long!) Anyway...I'm curious to see what all the new codes will be for the new pretty shiny things! I think if I ever won, I'd want a Disney movie code! (Anyone else here still have the theme song from Frozen stuck in their heads? )
  7. These new golds seem like one of the most impossible to catch dragons ever!