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I own:http://dragcave.net/lineage/Fr0zN <3

Hunting for low gen Tinsels/Shimmers/Coppers/Rares!

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    -}ii{---~~*Wish List*~~---}ii{-

    CB Gold Breeding Pair
    CB Silver Breeding Pair
    CB Copper Breeding Pairs (ALL colors!)

    CB Ice Breeding Pair
    CB Magma Breeding Pair
    CB Thunder Breeding Pair

    CB Red & CB Pink BSAs
    CB Frostbite dragons
    CB Rare dragons with interesting codes.

    --}ii{---~~*~BREEDING INFO~*~~---}ii{--

    Due to the current demands of my work and school schedules, and the general unreliability of breeding, I will only be offering eggs to others when I actually [HAVE] them to trade! I feel that this is the fair way to do things.

    I'm NOT keeping breeding lists for eggs from my CB Bronze Shimmerscale, so please don't ask me to be on a list right now, as there is NO list!

    I'm also NOT accepting IOUs right now...I'm just not entirely comfortable yet with the idea of trading a rare egg for the promise that I *might* get something in return...Later On (whenever that is)... *IF* the other person doesn't forget...