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  1. A couple of years ago I missed a neglected in the abandoned area you have no idea how that felt Q_Q
  2. ((ooc; MERR I hope this being gone all week thing ends soon >.< And can someone bring Ahava some action plz? .w. Ahava needs action.)) Ahava nodded. "Oh, good," she smiled. However, as she was about to say something else, Rayle had left with the healer dragon. "Okay... I'll stay in the cave then..." She said softly to nobody in particular with some disappointment and lay down, tucking her paws under her and wrapping her tail around her tiny body. At least she was safe, being an extremely frail hatchling and all.
  3. Ahava opened her eyes as she heard movement not too far away from her, and noticed Rayle awakening. She immediately lifted her head off the ground, got up, and made her way to Rayle. Surveying her gaze, the Bright Pink asked "Are you OK?" And by this she meant if both her feelings and her physical state were alright. ((ooc; Maybe I'd be a better rper if I knew fancy words like you all do << I'm so not smart x3 x3 x3))
  4. Ahava nodded with a light smile when Rayle joked about her unconsciousness. "Good night," she then responded even though she wasn't going to leave nor go to sleep yet. ((ooc; .w. that's no shorter than my normal posts!))
  5. "It's alright," Ahava responded in a hushed, now calm voice, both to Rayle's apology for not having food and the one for making a big deal out of her ruined situation, which was the one Ahava thought there was truly no need for apologizing for. "I'm sure we'll find a way somehow. Maybe sometimes a bird or something would stray into the cave, if it has happened before, that is...?" ((ooc; having a dramatic hatchling character is so adorable x3))
  6. Ahava watched sadly as Rayle began limping herself towards the cave. "Wait..." She began, but she soon found out that she was too late; Rayle was already at her destination, and, of course, she was unconscious again. After the Bright Pink followed her friend and settled next to her, the time had passed so fast that a healer had arrived. The healer looks so kind... Ahava thought as she looked at the Moonstone of whom looked so graceful from the hatchling's perspective. "Oh! Th-thank you," she stammered gratefully and watched her get to work with two gifted paws and a beautiful, soothing light. The frail hatchling sighed in relief to see the good results, but, to her surprise, Rayle started to cry as she held her injured tail. "Rayle..." She said with the closest she can get to empathy and sorrow as she edged a bit closer to the Canopy, desperate to comfort her with everything she could. "You're alright... Please don't worry."
  7. "Oh..." Ahava responded disappointedly, and then lifted her head a little to look up at whom she was speaking to. "Okay... But I don't know where the healers are, though..."
  8. Ahava sniffed and curled her thin tail around her equally-weighted body. "No, you're not..." She sniffled as Rayle gave into sleep again. "I-is she burned?" She studdered. "I can help if she is..." She then added, trying to keep herself together.
  9. ((ooc; Merr I missed too much so I just made it so Ahava took a nap without noticing)) Ahava woke up, only to find an empty area. Everyone had left, and Rayle still hasn't returned. Quick in panic, the hatchling called out "Rayle? Anybody?" Then, finding no answer, she scrambled off her rock and in a random direction. Without expecting anything, Ahava came across another scene and gasped. The older dragon from before was there, and another familiar figure was handling an unconscious Rayle, her tail tip missing. Upon this sight she broke into a sobbing fit as she rushed over to her. Obviously all these events were too much for her to bear. "Rayle!" She screamed, no longer caring about the older dragons that surround her. ((double-ooc; I suck as a rper. You guys are so much better x3))
  10. "Alright," Ahava replied quietly as she watched Rayle go, and made her way to a rock outside the cave where she could wait, climbing upon it as she curled her tail around her tiny body. ((ooc; I don't know if I've said this yet (brain fart) but starting tomorrow I will not be able to get to rps on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays. I will tell you guys when I'll be able to again o3o/ And sorry for the weak post x3))
  11. "Oh," Ahava responded to Balthan, and then turned to Rayle. "I don't know... I wasn't able see what went on, but we should get the ones that need it to safety. I might be of use because I can heal burns, but I haven't really tried it with any other injury, though," she whispered back softly.
  12. ((ooc; o3o/ and nooo I won't be able to rp on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays. so on friday can you guys catch me up?)) Ahava frowned when she got no response, but the injuries of which she had just noticed was enough to tell her that something else went on. As a wave of nausea took over her, the delicate hatchling almost fell to the ground. Instead she slowly lay down, looking at the ground. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't do anything," she said with guilt even though she had a feeling that she might be ignored again because everyone was already too preoccupied.
  13. Ahava closed her eyes as she sat through the rest of the fight, oblivious to what was going on, and, before she knew it, it was over. She opened her eyes and sighed in relief, tugging on Rayle to follow her as she emerged from her crevice. "Wh-what happened?" She found herself asking as she approached the older dragon, and then a hatchling about her age -maybe younger- approached her father. Come to think of it, she was much more mature than this hatchling. How did this happen? It didn't matter; why this is is just one of the many things Ahava never noticed and never will. Nor did she take the time to notice how much more mature she was compared to this normal hatchling. ((ooc; when it said "Come to think of it," it isn't Ahava's thoughts. It's just narrating .w. And oh my god Chasilin you are a great rper .o.))
  14. Mhmmm. Can he do something to Ahava? Or should I just make a liche go for her or something because the evil Crusher attacking her might make her a little more of the center of the battle than she is now? I'm fine with either one .w.
  15. awh k sweet .w. /thinks/ I think I like your idea sweet because Ahava never knew Crusher and that would be confusing :3 Again maybe something could happen to Ahava because she's a little too smug in that little corner lolz.
  16. you know what, you're right OX I was being rushed (cough fluff cough) and I have no clue why I suggested something for you u.u sorry /glomps/ so say your plan :3 for those of you who dont know fluff is the online nickname i gave my sister lolz
  17. I know x3 I was thinking one of the liches drag Ahava far away from the cave or something and Rayle follows and then freaks out o3o/
  18. Wait, so do I make Ahava get dragged away and Rayle follows to save her or something or do you make Rayle get dragged away and Ahava is helpless and stuff?
  19. /volunteers Ahava/ she is too suspiciously safe to have not been noticed by anything yet. and injured hatchling=action .w. I'll post in rp as soon as I get a reply so I know what to post {:<
  20. Ahava's eyes widened when the demon's face was crushed, and when Rayle came in her direction. "Rayle!" She gasped, finally scared half to death. "I-I want to get out of here," she cried quietly. "But I can't just flee when these dragons I don't even know yet are getting hurt!" She added in worry, inserting herself even further into her little crevice. ((ooc; Do tell .w. And sorry if I haven't been able to be in contact with you in Cbox and stuff, sweet. My parents think it's funny to use parental controls on the computer D:<))
  21. Ahava's head was spinning now. Many unfamiliar figures had appeared, and still standing by kept giving her a feeling of aching and guilt. Out of fear she backed into a crevice at the side of the cave, just hoping that none of the liche's army would get her and, most importantly, that nobody would hate her for being a coward.
  22. Ahava watched dumbfoundedly as the cave burst into battle when the large dragon from before appeared, and some others. And that included more liches who suddenly emerged from the ground. Then she saw Rayle dive in, and this topped off her helplessness and worry. But what was there for her to do? "No!" She screamed out of nowhere, every muscle in her frail hatchling body itching to aid her friend. ((ooc; In the liche's cave thing .u.))
  23. Ahava blinked when Rayle excused herself. "Oh, okay..." She responded even though she soon followed, only to be shocked by what lay directly in her view. Piruk was being attacked. "Uh, I-I'll stay here," she whispered quickly as Rayle ran in an unknown direction, and continued to keep close watch. How she longed to help, but she was far too weak. Especially compared to something otherwordly such as the enraged thing that was standing over Piruk.
  24. Ahava stood in silence for a moment, trying to register all this in her brain. For a while she didn't get it, but soon she found herself exclaiming a realizational "Oh!" Her slight moment of triumph faded, she then asked what she thought would be her final question. "So he is good? Even though he isn't a dragon at all?"