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  1. I got a very diverse dragon! http://dragcave.net/lineage/lbtgO
  2. I GOT A CB GOLD!!!! It's my first CB gold I've ever snagged after being on this site for years!!! *hyperventilates* I was just looking for something to finally get my first shimmerscales with... and CB GOLD!
  3. Holy moly!! That female is EPIC!
  4. Whew! I managed to catch two of them at the hourly. After a complete failure at the midnight drop, I was worried I wouldn't get any!
  5. Given that I only have one adult and one hatchling zombie... I can't see myself getting much use out of this one.
  6. Managed to snag two CB whites so I could make more soulpeaces. Yay! Times like this are when I realize how few CBs I have of some species... oops!
  7. I'll just hold onto these eggs, then. I can wait. Thanks!
  8. I just snagged two stripes, a golden wyvern, and a black from the cave (all CB). What are stripes worth these days? Could I get one of the new prize dragons with all four?
  9. I have two CB blacks. What are those worth these days?
  10. Finally had success! Been trying since November 2011 and successfully summoned on December 28. ^^ So happy! http://dragcave.net/lineage/A8lEp
  11. I have finished breeding all my holidays! ^^ Yay! This is my second Xmas on DC and the first time I've been able to breed my holidays in season. Warm and fuzzy!
  12. *joins the ranks of those with no luck in the drops* Maybe my internet is slow here or something. Oof!
  13. I found a creepy bloody skull candle on the page of a hatchling I'm fog-deathing for zombification. It seems appropriately morbid!
  14. Those sunrise/sunsets are epic!!
  15. Either way, it will work out! I have a spare batch of zombie fodder dragons. ^^ Thanks for the help!
  16. Gooooootcha. Thanks! I thought that you got your kill slots back after a week, so I've been a little confused. I also killed on the 17th though... and I don't even think the tombstones will still be there for Halloween. Double mistake! It was a busy week.
  17. How long is the killing cooldown? I think I may have messed it up a bit...
  18. As a purebred sunsong enthusiast, I love this lineage! Maybe I'll snag one of its siblings someday.
  19. I have two CB stripes. What would be a fair trade that I could ask for in exchange? Would they be enough to get a CB metal? Or a IOU for a halloween hatchie?
  20. Forgot to freeze my summer hatchling and now missed getting a gendered summer hatchling until next year. Darn it!
  21. Would a CB stripe be worth two CB summers, or just one?
  22. Turp x Harvest = egg Turp x Ridgewing = refusal x 3 Turp x Nebula = egg
  23. Got my six little eggies! ^^ Whoo hoo! *cuddles them, but then recoils from the stink*