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01sSgiq.png-Always looking for 2g-3gs from Spriter Alts~♥ (please PM so we can discuss c:)-I will trade for 2g Xeno, Lunar Heralds, or Pyralspite Prizefails~♥

-Generally IOU friendly depending on the trade -PM with any questions!

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    Battery Jesus and aaabaaajss are both already claimed for trade. I've received a lot of private messages in regards to this, I will not be replying to any more of those messages! I am very sorry.

    What I Like/My Wishlist:

    -2g/3g Shimmers and Tinsels
    -Neglecteds (Male, Female & Ungendered)
    -2g dragons from alt sprites (or any low gen pretty lineages with them)
    -CB or 2g Metals

    I'm perfectly fine with accepting IOU's! And I do my best to fulfill my end of the deal until my debt is paid off.

    What I Owe:

    Completed IOU's:

    Deagle - 6th Gen Gold Shimmer (Lumina mate) :) (x)
    Ameth - 24/24 Trios (and other assorted hatchlings) (x)
    Riverwillows - 2nd Gen Gold (Gold x Speckle-throat) (x)
    2nd Gen Silver (Speckle-throat x Silver) (x)
    pinkgothic - 4 CB Halloween hatchies 2015 (x)
    4 CB Halloween hatchies 2016 (x)
    Frodo - CB Gold (x)