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  1. Sending to those above and below me! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!
  2. Sending to all on this page! Leave any specific flowers you want in your post so I can send it to you (I have the whole collection so anything goes)!
  3. Sending to this page and the last! If you have any requests, leave them here and I will send them!
  4. Sending to above and below, plus a few others! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
  5. Sending to a few people above me! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
  6. Happy Holidays all! These eggs are beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing the adults. Also, did anyone else read the code of the 2nd egg as "grind?"
  7. True (but only by like one inch) TPBM has a Tumblr
  8. 2/10 I've seen you a few times, but I haven't been on DC much for a long time, so...
  9. This should be an actual thing!