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Looking for 4th gen or less shimmer lines. Willing to trade or breed for it.

I never say no to CB Brines, Coppers(any color), Xenowyrm(any color), Gemshards(any color).

General Otaku. I love One Piece. Got time? Let's talk about it!

My timezone is GMT + 5.30 (Indian Timezone)

Accept IOUs at my own risk.

Say no to Dragon killing. I try to name all my dragons. If something isn't, then I'm probably lazy or thinking about a good name for it. 


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    In someone's heart <3
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    Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Miraxzee desu :3
    But you can call me Mira if you want~~

    I joined this site because my friends from another forum had these lovely dragons on their signatures and I fell in love with them. Especially the night glory and the sunsong amphiptere~ >o<

    Some random facts about me:

    Favorite Colour: Black and Pink
    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter
    Favorite Anime: One Piece :33
    Favorite band: Evanescence and Breaking Benjamin. I also like Jpop and Kpop ^_^
    Favorite Dragon: Night Glory and Sunsong Amphiptere.
    Favorite Food: Pizza

    I love to share the joy of raising the pretty eggs so I breed my dragons on requests. If you want any dragon from my scroll send me a polite PM and I'll do my best! ^o^
    Currently looking for:
    2nd ~4th gen- Gold and Silver.
    Low Gen(Not more than 5th gen) Tinsels/SMIMMERS - Staircase/Spiral with non-holiday mates.
    CB-2nd Gen Trios
    2nd gen Avatars
    2nd gen PB Brines
    2nd gen Coppers

    Have a nice day! :P