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  1. Well finally got 6 CB eggs, all from different biomes . Happy Halloween everyone and thanks to everyone who made the event possible. Congrats to PieMaster too!
  2. Hooray I have 5 now, one from each biome except Alpine (have to wait to release a daydreamer egg first). It seems the mad rush to collect the new eggs is ending. I got two just in the currnet 5 minute drop .
  3. I clicked to early and got a daydream . And now halloween dragons, ah well time to wait for the next wave.
  4. It is deffinatly warm! At least it is sunny .
  5. 3.00pm for me! I love being over the other side of the world, means I don't have to stay up really late .
  6. Your artwork is looking really fantastic Sharlykng!
  7. *rolls in* woo Christmas event! Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone *rolls out*
  8. Ok! I'm alive and apparantly commiting threadnomancy! MWA HA HA HA Finally getting back on track, real life pulled me away from DC but I'm back! I will have the art people have requested up soon. If it is ok with you guys I am just going to do simple drawings till I get back into the swing of things. But don't worry, I'll make it up to you!
  9. Ah thanks Jadedragon, very helpful!
  10. wow so many posts! Can someone give me a summery of ths blue and white flower thing? I am finding it hard to keep up. On another note I am having a great time sending flowers to random people! If anyone wants a flower feel free to ask!
  11. aww that hatchling is very cute I love this event, all the flowers are so pretty! Tankyou TJ and spriters for another wonderful Valentine's. These events are usually the highlight of the holiday and this year it is no exception!
  12. Oh my gosh! it is amazing thankyou so much!
  13. I got my two eggs and goodness me they are pretty, so are the hatchlings! Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks to TJ and the spriters for such a wonderful event this year.
  14. Thankyou TJ and spriters for another wonderful event so far! I am really enjoying myself, although I had to change the site skin to "portal 2" so that I could see the recepies better .
  15. You will have to try websites such as photobucket and imageshack to upload pictures. link
  16. sorry Ulalena I can't see it.
  17. @TheDarkCynder: You don't have to give me anything, my arts are free. thanks for the request, I'll add you to the list! beautiful dog by the way. Right that means requests are closed.
  18. oh me me me! I nom a Christmas request! Dragon: Shallow water! (goldfish) For everyone to use?: Yes
  19. Congratulations Azure! you are correct! I don't have any prizes or anything but congratulations anyway. Thanks Ulalena, I am adding you to the list. Right that means there is one spot left!
  20. no worries ulalena I look out for your request form when you post it. Thanks TCA for your complements and I will add you to the list! I am looking forward to drawing your characters they are awesome. Kolodragon I have started on Lucien, but it is taken awhile
  21. bumping to say that requests are OPEN! EDIT: DragonGirl10188 your close, it is a game, but it isn't Skyrim. I do really like that game though .
  22. Looks awesome Kittygrl, it was such a pleasure seeing it come to life during your stream. I can't wait for my art!
  23. thanks for this advice, I was wondering how people get multiple tabs open.