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IOU friendly - especially during holiday events. :).
Regarding Trades: I use the decline option if I'm not interested in an offer. If your offer hasn't been declined, it either hasn't been seen yet or is being seriously considered.

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    Breeding/Trading Policy (WIP)

    - I accept and give IOUs.
    - I try to breed for IOUs every week (except during holiday releases) and will send periodic updates if the dragons being bred are particularly stubborn.
    - I will breed any of my 5G+ Shimmers and most commons for free. Just ask.
    - I will gladly add an IOU for a 3G offspring to any trade for a 2G Prize.
    - If an egg I have up for trade on the forums doesn't receive any offers by the time it reaches 5 days, I will incubate, hatch and relist it. Influence will depend on the gen/lineage. I will not influence CB or 2G eggs before hatching. If you are interested in a CB/2G I have listed, need it influenced, but don't want it until it's a hatchie, make sure to PM an offer before it reaches the 5 day mark and I'll usually be more than happy to influence and hatch it for you if I can spare the space.