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  1. I really want to request one, but I'm afraid my parents would be super mad at me if they find out I purchased a clay dragon.


    In other words, I really love your creations. Cookies~


    I know that feeling. Silly parents, dragons are for kids! xd.png At least they mean well. And thank you!~<3

  2. I love this thread. It's not often you see someone working in 3d and as someone who does work in 3d I must say; you have talent girl smile.gif


    I am looking for advice and I think yo might be able to help me. I am working on a project and trying to build a 1:1 replica of a Undertow bottle from Bioshock Infinite and I feel that clay would be the best route  instead of plastic epoxy


    Wondering if you have done anything like this with any success or if you have any tips on doing this





    reference pictures

    Thank you! I love getting feedback from others! biggrin.gif


    I have not done something like that, but I know someone who does similar things. She would probably give you better advice than I could. I mainly stick to dragons, but if I were to suggest something, I would say use plain clay. Using colored clay can get expensive when making large replicas. Instead, paint as much as you can. Hope you do well! ^.^ Her deviantART page.

  3. Oh my GAWD your dragons are soooo cute!!!!!  I NEED to own one!  Do you only take paypal as payment?  Reason I'm asking is because I'm in a super serious internet fight with with about my account and I'm not sure I'd be able to pay that way.  Please PM me and let me know, cuz if I can send a another form of payment, I really want to commission some stuff from you.  biggrin.gif

    Sounds great! And yeah, I use PayPal as my main money transfer.

  4. Thanks so much for reccomending Premo! Sculpey polymer clay! I followed your recommendation and used it to make a Malazur dragon, the green, blue, and yellow dragon in my sig. It came out really well! To avoid burning/scorching, I set my oven to 255 degrees instead of 275. He came out very well, and is currently cooling :3



    Great! I'm always glad to help fellow artists!

  5. i lub cooooookiiiiiessss.


    your dragons are very adorable! <3 i love your work smile.gif i really like clay things, it always amazes me what people can do with it!

    keep up the good work! :3

    Thanks! It means a lot to me when people say that! wink.gif

  6. Cookies! Hi I was wondering if you could make an eastern style dragon with the blue nebula's coloring and galaxy pattern. Would that be doable?

    Whoa! I could totally see that! I think that may be $5-$6 for it because of design reasons. Do you want to continue this through PM or no?

  7. Oh my gosh! I make dc ceramic eggs but the dragons! AHHHHH!!!!! I would so buy them!!!! Infact I would love to buy one of every dragon out there! Cookies!


    What kind of payment do you accept? If I can do it I would LOVE one. Now to think of what dragon...


    Maybe a migi, lumina, or a male moonstone. I really think it'd be cool to have the whole seasonal (spring, summer, fall, winter) set. and 3$ is a good price for a simple dragon. A nebula would probly be 5$ cuz of all the tiny details.


    I'll see what I can do! ;D


    EDIT: I accept PayPal. If you want me to personalize those dragons, (like put scarves on them) I can do that if you want.


    And Shiny, it was technically a commission from someone I know, but it happened to look like a holly dragon (with yellow, not green, inside the wings). I understand your concern and I will ask the spriters about every dragon (though I think I have).

  8. The general price for a clay dragon can be 9$-11$, priced by complexity. I do custom species/mixed species dragons.


    Requests: None.



    SOLD: THIS IS AN OLD ART PIECE!!!!Holly Dragon Views: #1 #2 #3


    Ribbion Dancer Hatchie


    White dragon http://dragonwolf9999.deviantart.com/#/d5su30u


    Eastern Nebula: http://dragonwolf9999.deviantart.com/art/E...onwolf9999&qo=2


    Current stock:


    Music Dragon: http://dragonwolf9999.deviantart.com/art/M...gon-2-353639010


    Headphone Dragon: http://dragonwolf9999.deviantart.com/art/H...domize%3A1&qo=0


    In progress:



    Post below if you need anything!

    Have a nice day!



  9. Hello! Welcome to my shop! Care for a dragon?





    Regular DC rules/forum rules.

    No cussing (crap is OK).

    Be nice/tolerant.

    Put 'Cookies!' in your first post to prove you read the rules.


    Some FAQ:


    Can you do DC dragons?

    ~ I can make an OC that is similar, but not exact. If you are the creator of a dragon that may be on DC later, I can sculpt that because it is your own.


    What kind of clay do you use?

    ~ Premo Sculpy polymer clay.


    Can you ship anywhere?

    ~ Yes, but the shipping cost is added to the dragon.


    Where can I see dragons that you have made?

    ~ On my deviantART page. (I'm dragonwolf9999 there, too.)


    If there are other questions, I will add them as they appear. Thank you. ^.^


    For those who have bought a dragon of mine, leave a comment about it! I always enjoy critique!


    Stock in next post!