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  1. I know that feeling. Silly parents, dragons are for kids! At least they mean well. And thank you!~<3
  2. Thank you! I love getting feedback from others! I have not done something like that, but I know someone who does similar things. She would probably give you better advice than I could. I mainly stick to dragons, but if I were to suggest something, I would say use plain clay. Using colored clay can get expensive when making large replicas. Instead, paint as much as you can. Hope you do well! ^.^ Her deviantART page.
  3. Sounds great! And yeah, I use PayPal as my main money transfer.
  4. Great! I'm always glad to help fellow artists!
  5. Thanks! It means a lot to me when people say that!
  6. Whoa! I could totally see that! I think that may be $5-$6 for it because of design reasons. Do you want to continue this through PM or no?
  7. Thanks Sock! To everyone else, I think I will only do OCs from now on. Thank you! ^^
  8. I ship anywhere, though the cost is added to the dragon.^^
  9. I'll see what I can do! ;D EDIT: I accept PayPal. If you want me to personalize those dragons, (like put scarves on them) I can do that if you want. And Shiny, it was technically a commission from someone I know, but it happened to look like a holly dragon (with yellow, not green, inside the wings). I understand your concern and I will ask the spriters about every dragon (though I think I have).
  10. Can't wait to make those dragons! Curse my laziness....
  11. I use Premo Sculpy. Thanks for asking! And Burning, I can definitely make a White dragon.
  12. I'd love to donate! Just need the money.
  13. The general price for a clay dragon can be 9$-11$, priced by complexity. I do custom species/mixed species dragons. Requests: None. SOLD: THIS IS AN OLD ART PIECE!!!!Holly Dragon Views: #1 #2 #3 Ribbion Dancer Hatchie White dragon http://dragonwolf9999.deviantart.com/#/d5su30u Eastern Nebula: http://dragonwolf9999.deviantart.com/art/E...onwolf9999&qo=2 Current stock: Music Dragon: http://dragonwolf9999.deviantart.com/art/M...gon-2-353639010 Headphone Dragon: http://dragonwolf9999.deviantart.com/art/H...domize%3A1&qo=0 In progress:
  14. Hello! Welcome to my shop! Care for a dragon? Rules: Regular DC rules/forum rules. No cussing (crap is OK). Be nice/tolerant. Put 'Cookies!' in your first post to prove you read the rules. Some FAQ: Can you do DC dragons? ~ I can make an OC that is similar, but not exact. If you are the creator of a dragon that may be on DC later, I can sculpt that because it is your own. What kind of clay do you use? ~ Premo Sculpy polymer clay. Can you ship anywhere? ~ Yes, but the shipping cost is added to the dragon. Where can I see dragons that you have ma
  15. Orange Ice. It has such a nice ring to it.
  16. There is a pattern on deviant art.All you need to do is search dragon plush pattern. I'm going to sew one,and that's what I'm using so go for it!