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xjuu.pngSeeking/Willing to breed for 2nd gens from Holidays as mates for GoldxW.SnowAngel, GoldxHeartseeker, GoldxRosebud, and YulexSilver <3 Extended list in profile!

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    Infinis [x] 12/12 cb pink hatchies
    Stelly [x] 7th from Fortune's Xarann (last bred 2/29 - success!)
    Vicce [x] red from Noellen+2G red
    Belisar - 4/6 2nd gen hatchies from balloons
    Orlageddon [x] 2nd daydream from heartseeker(last attempt 3/8 - success!)
    dragonpuck [x] stripe from holly, - AoD from fever wyvern (last attempt 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/5, 12/13, 12/30, 1/7, 1/26, 2/16, 2/24, 3/7, 3/17, 11/5, 11/14, 12/4, 12/13 x_X)
    lazybug [x] 8/8 red hatchies, [x] 2G silver from ribbon dancer (last attempt 1/7 - success! )
    Master0fPuppets [x] 8/8 cb or 2g red or pink hatchies
    Kurane [x] 2G red nebula from Heartseeker
    prefiringfort [x] 2G Ribbonx2, Magix2, Solsticex2, Mistletoex2 w/same color mates
    tjekan [x] 2G horse from solstice

    cajunsun (2nd pb red stripe)
    TurboSilver (2nd black from 09 valentine, 2nd terrae from sweetling)
    Luna Hoshino (2nd black from 09 valentine, 2nd stripe from marrow)
    Sarahnoid (2nd shadow walker from sweetling)
    bloodonmyfangs (2nd shadow walker from b.pink)

    + Mates for Holidays:
    2nd GoC from Sweetling*
    2nd Gold from White Winged Snow Angel (wBIh6 rejected)*
    2nd Gold from Valentine 09
    2nd Gold from Sweetling
    2nd Gold from Rosebud*
    2nd Gold from Heartseeker (9YILY rejected)
    2nd Silver from Yulebuck*
    2nd Ice from Rosebud
    2nd B.Nebula from Sweetling*
    2nd Winter from Heartseeker*
    2nd Autumn from Winter Magi*
    2nd Bright Breasted Wyvern from Tri Color Snow Angel*

    + Holidays (have mates):
    2nd Solstice from Heartseeker
    2nd Ribbon Dancer from Stripe
    2nd Solstice from Golden Wyvern
    2nd 09 Valentine from Stripe
    2nd 09 Valentine from White
    2nd Heartseeker from Stripe
    2nd Marrow from F.Ember
    2nd Arsani from Radiant Angel
    2nd Sweetling from Marrow
    2nd Radiant Angel from Solstice

    + GoC Mates
    M Radiant Angel from GoChange
    F Moonstone from M GoN
    M Gold from F GoN
    Blue Nebula from M GoN
    F White from MGoN