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  1. I've been lucky to get five, all but one within the same hourly drop. I will say that for certain I'm going to get a breeding pair and breed them for others who weren't so lucky. (I wouldn't have any at all but for my husband's suggestion on how to nab them, by using f5 to refresh, then backspace to go back if I missed or got one.)
  2. I have so many fav costumes: but these top the list thus far: http://dragcave.net/lineage/D8bG7 http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZIVb5 (click on Frostor, he was CB so I couldn't post lineage) http://dragcave.net/lineage/WluD1
  3. Oooh! A teaser for next Halloween!!
  4. My fav dragon costumes are easily the white dragons and gray dragons.
  5. Huh. *counts* Well, that's 33. I hope there's more later!
  6. If you aren't finding any more candy for the trick or treat hunt, does that mean you've gotten them all?
  7. If you don't have the map, recheck the shops. If you need the gold vial, recheck all the stalls.
  8. Ah good! That means to got it! Wewt!
  9. Thanks! Too bad I don't have any lol!
  10. I -think- I got it, because there's something on my scroll page that says it's for the "Haunting in Aliset) but it's not displaying an image. Anyone seeing it?
  11. Ok, this is a question specifically about the holiday breeding. Could someone kindly explain it to me? Does that mean any holiday dragons (like the Christmas Dragons) can be breed, or does it mean Halloween only? I've never been here for a holiday breeding period.
  12. I got that one. I had to give up the sandwich, but got a map afterwards.
  13. I have 34, with both the map and the gold vial. Does that mean I got to the end correctly?
  14. I'll happily take in any unwanted hatchlings or eggs (though I'm often egg-locked)!