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  1. I got this beauty. Thank you so much <3 Here's a free Silver Tinsel Enjoy!
  2. Gold shimmer You're welcome SaphireKat Bronze shimmer Sea_Kitty: Thanks for giving it a home!
  3. Took this beautie as well. Thank you! And giving something in return: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! TerraAnne: Enjoy!
  4. -luxemis: Thanks for posting. Glad you like it Round two: Stairstep Silver Tinsel -Gone. Thanks for letting me know scuradraca!
  5. 2G PB from up side down Mint x original 'Cave' Mint Please don't kill or trade. Freezing/gifting is okay. Gone
  6. -Gone to StormBirdRising. Thanks for letting me know
  7. A random Silver I hatched from AP Gone! Enjoy
  8. Thank you!! I love Prizes -------------------------------------- For whoever discovers this edit first: 3g Gold Gone. Enjoy!