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  1. I'm mostly Irish. My dad's side is full Irish, though they've been in America for a while. And my mom's side's English, German, Irish, and Scottish.
  2. ... Uh...really? I've only ever seen 1 Final Fantasy game on the PC. And never Zelda. And yeah I was talking about OoT. Is there any older than that? I just call them the old games becuase the new Zelda games are usually for handheld systems, the wii, and I think gamecube (though it could be Xbox...not for sure on that one.)
  3. I don't think so.... I'm thinking it was nintendo maybe... Nintendo 64? Idk for sure but it was fun! Especially chasing down the chickens! Lol. And I don't think PC games are always as fun.
  4. What's the game system for the old Zelda games? (Can't remember but I played it once at my uncle's and thought it was awesome. If I could I'd get that one too!)
  5. I have a PS2, PSP, Nintedo DS, Gameboy SP, and... Sega Genesis~! I really want a PS3 so I can play the new Final Fantasy game with Lightning and a Wii would be pretty cool too.
  6. Ouch....I got a four and was wearing my glasses. I believe this is what you call a majore failure. Lol. ...*Smacks forehead.* I'm such a blonde. I just realized that the lower the number the better you did.
  7. Rylinne

    Lady Gaga

    I'm not really all that into Lady Gaga. At first I really loved her songs and I love how she pays attention to her fans. She is a good show-biz example as far as originality and courage. (It kind of annoys me how people hate on her and call her a tranny.) But I don't really listen to her anymore.
  8. Rylinne

    Rebecca Black

    It's kind of you to stick up for her and all but even if she is just pursuing "her dream" she needs to face reality. And if she cannot take this level of criticism she is not meant for show business. Welcome to reality. Your will never win every single person over. Rebecca Black is most likely going to be a one hit wonder. Personal opinion, too much auto tuning is severly annoying to hear in a song. And if that becomes the fad there will be no need for the "real" singers. T.T
  9. Rylinne

    Fave Anime OST

    Ouch< That's such a difficult question... if I had to pick one it'd probably be the opening to Umineko no Naku Koro ni! It's absolutely beautiful. And I also love kuroshitsuji! But I too have a lot of faves. Mostly dramatic and kinda gothic ones.. For example: Black Cat- The first opening. (Never watched the anime.) Spice and Wolf- Love the Opening and Closing Songs Bleach- I love the openings to Bleach. Fairy Tail- The first opening. Wolf's Rain Opening! ... I should probably stop there but I have a ton more if anyone wants suggestions.
  10. Oh I hate that. That reminds me of Blood and Chocolate. It's an awesome werewolf story but the book and the movie have entirely different settings and endings. It was freaky...
  11. Well I just started and so far I have: 1st - Crimson Flare Pygmy 2nd - Horse Dragon 3rd - Horse Dragon 4rth- Ochredrake If the Horse dragons gender the same would someone want one? They are both cave born.
  12. Twilight was indeed an awfully done movie. My friend's mom got midnight tickets for the day it came out so we went to see it and skipped school the next day. And of course the special effects had me and her mom laughing, in a theatre full of freaky vampire people. But my friend became absolutely in love with Robert Pattinson. And after that I could never read the books again. T.T That said I don't think it's the absolute worst movie I've ever seen. My list of least favorite movies: Gone with the Wind, Conan, Wanted, and most sequels. Ever notice how sequels tend to be worse than the original? Oh and that new Surf Angel movie based on Bethany Hamilton. That was way to High School Musical style drama for me.
  13. I'm watching Mushishi. It's pretty cool and has awesome art! But it's more of a serious anime full of deep thinking. @Kursedfire- You like OHSHC! I loved the anime and was thinking of reading the manga. Have you ever heard of Special A. It's somewhat similar but is also hilarious. (I think my favorite episode is number seven. You should check it out.)