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  2. I ain't no snitch. But then I did miss out on a special egg so...normal mint it is!
  3. I was going to come in here and support this anyway just because of formatting for longer form stuff - 8 ) comes to mind as a big one in numbered lists, for example - but seeing the issues people have with different devices displaying emoji differently just cements it for me. If you want to intentionally insert emoji, cool, but let's not change what people are typing automatically. Back in the BBS code days where emoji were not characters but rather image files that loaded when you typed in a specific series of characters, this made sense. Nowadays with emoji becoming standardized (kinda) it j
  4. I would love if there were a "Couldn't accept because you are egglocked" and am seconding the calls for a "Can't accept because I'm egglocked" - but that first one especially. I've personally not had it happen to me, but I've seen so many trades fail as a result of egglocks that it'd be very helpful, especially since not everyone is available for communication via the forums.
  5. Requester's Form Forum name: sakana PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=179074 Egg wanted and special wishes: 2nd gen White x Rosebud, would prefer named parents. Secret field: ´╗┐No Holiday requests!
  6. Has anyone else noticed an issue where clicking on the Dragon Cave logo in the upper left is no longer taking you to the Cave but to the "RIP an error has occurred" page? Or is that just me? Clicking on Cave still takes me to the cave, it's just the logo giving me guff.
  7. @Ruby Eyes oh no!!! C-c-c-combo breaker! Might be neat to make a broken lovely if you can get an alt on the other wing, too.
  8. Forum name: sakana New lineage: Daughter of the Sea Notes: Willing to breed siblings for any of you WoW players out there.
  9. She's finally finished! My water Super Lovely/lyric project is finally done. Beware the Daughter of the Sea!
  10. Thanks! Here is the password reset page! https://dragcave.net/reset
  11. I can't for the life of me figure out why my dragon's generation is displaying... incorrectly? Pretty sure it's incorrectly. All the great-grandparents, the ones listed as gen 2, are caveborn. So shouldn't they be listed as gen 1? And if not, it's only four generations of dragons being viewed, if they *were* bred, shouldn't I be able to see the parents? Is it maybe because one of the Thuweds is a breed that normally can't be CB?
  12. Finished! Well, at least halfway to properly finished - this is the female half of the Super Lovely I'm working on.
  13. [sobs] WHY WON'T YOU MAKE A WATER BABY FOR ME, YOU TWO!!!! If anyone has a watery project going on and needs a water walker eggy, have at. All I ask is that it gets a name. Claim my egg!
  14. If anyone is working on a Tsunami Wyvern lovely, have I got an egg for you! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. *sigh* Another day, another species fail. This Deep Sea from Deep Sea x Water was supposed to be Water but didn't cooperate. Its parents have a very cohesive phrase from the song I'm working on, so it might make a nice addition to your watery project! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  16. If anyone is actively working on another watery line, I've got this Water Walker egg that didn't species out correctly. (I needed a water, boo!) Claim my egg!
  17. Forum name: sakana Song or work: Daughter of the Sea Current generation/progress: First/Second Group: https://dragcave.net/group/66795 CBs/Breeds still needed: 5x Water, 1x Water Walker, 2x Tsunami, 1x Deep Sea I'm working on a Lovely Commons Lineage that reflects the oceanic qualities of the song.
  18. @Dirtytabs I know they welcome WIPs, so I think I will! The plan is to do The Daughter of the Sea.
  19. Commons are lovely! Forum name: sakana Scroll link: https://dragcave.net/user/sakana Can people PM you and request eggs? If yes, any requirements?: Yes, please just be sure to name your dragons (unless you get like, a super cool code) My lineage plans:It's super ambitious, but my plan is to make a super lovely water dragon: (thanks Heart of Blue's lineage builder!) I'd been trying to find the right layout for a planned lyrical lineage I've parked the names for, and I think this is it. I have 5/16 of the CB dragons I need to get started - I have a few
  20. Forum name: sakana Lineages you made: Troll Two "Hospitality" Scene (see also as a group here) Add to front page? Sure! Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Absolutely! As long as you promise to name it something Troll Two related.
  21. sakana

    Z Project

    Hi Z collectors! I have a CB Z coded Freckle (zflSH - could be z'flesh, z'flash....idk, it seems fun!) if anyone wants for their collection. If not, I'll raise it, but I know Z codes are desirable for folks. One-way transfer. Claim my egg! Claimed by random_dragon_collector, congrats!
  22. That's a great idea, @HeatherMarie! Thank you!
  23. I just breeded a pair of dragons forgetting I was egglocked and may have completely ruined a lineage I'm working on. And it even bred properly, making the crossbreed I wanted. UGH. I wish I could grab that egg back from the AP, but it'll be days before it even shows up.
  24. The sickness when it hit below 4 was weird and something I've never seen but maybe that's just the dragon's way of saying, "I. DON'T. WANNA!!!!" Well, dragon, two of us can be stubborn. I'll just sit here until you're ready.