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  1. Yay i agree that you shouldn't date in seventh grade, But i mean should i like become closer friends with them so when i'm older then were good friends it should be easier to ask her out or what? (I mean like to her house or her coming to my house when i said about the driving part) on the top of this page a person(Drakelina) asked a question but we kind of ignored them so i'm bringing it back up for them. Srcoll to the top of the page and read their question plz.
  2. I want an ipod touch, ps3, and an X-Box, wow i didn't notice this forum is getting to be a pretty good hit(started it like 2 days ago)
  3. i want an ipod touch and X-box 360 elite for X-mas
  4. i have broken DS Lite, DSi, playstation 2, my sister has a gameboy advanced and a DS lite. Thats pretty much all i have
  5. Just wanted to know what the majority of people have. wops, probably should of put this in multimedia, my bad
  6. i know i mean i can't like take her anywhere(and i kind of find it weird if my mom or dad has to drive me to a date)
  7. i'm single and I kind of want a girlfriend. There's a couple girls at school i want to ask out but there's 2 reasons I won't: 1: I'm super shy, I always get nervous. 2: I'm in 7th grade, there's not much I can do with a girlfriend, i mean I can't drive or anything.
  8. Wow, that is so cool. I finaly found someone who is as good if not better than my sister at drawing dragons/creatures. (She dosen't post any of her art so I can't show you any of it, but she's really good.) Very good drawings, nice work!