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  1. https://dragcave.net/lineage/uiy6x 3rd gen Lunar Herald with a nice line, https://dragcave.net/lineage/vy8ZV 4th gen Silver Tinsel with the start of a double stairstep if it genders right, https://dragcave.net/lineage/heT6k AND this 3rd gen even Guardian hatchie with a vine alt in its history. In the space of 5 minutes. I like my luck tonight. Edit: 5 minutes later an egg hatches, I go to the AP again, and voila. https://dragcave.net/lineage/d5f6a 3rd gen nicely lineaged Pink.
  2. I had an idea for a pair of dragons, but I'm not sure how to put them in the dragon request thread, because they are two different breeds but are too strongly associated to just mention one. The idea is this: one dragon is a collector of some sort. It likes eggshell fragments and has very dextrous forelimbs. Its BSA is "Tap", where it can tap a cracked egg and try to hatch it slightly early. Got an egg that's, say, 2 hours from being able to hatch and has enough views? Tap it. Either the egg hatches early due to the shell being gently tapped apart, or the baby inside is frightened by the tapping and won't come out for slightly longer (time gets added to the till-death timer). This BSA only works on an egg that's at the final stage of cracking and is within 2 hours of being able to hatch. The descriptions are below: Tap: the dragon carefully taps a heavily cracked egg, attempting to shatter the shell early and hatch the egg. If successful, may attract something with the dragon's happy trills. Successful (baby dragon hatches now): The dragon skillfully taps the egg and the shell splits apart, a confused baby dragon tumbling out. Unsuccessful (2 hours added to time 'till death): The dragon skillfully taps the egg, but the shell doesn't break. You hear a frightened noise from inside, and all attempts at hatching cease. You scared it! There's also another dragon, probably a pygmy. Every successful use of Tap has a chance of attracting one of these dragons as an adult. Supposedly it's drawn to the happy noises that the Tap dragon makes when an egg hatches. This pygmy has a BSA, Watch Egg. It can only be used on an egg that hasn't yet started to crack. What it does is allow the pygmy to watch the egg as it hatches, and it gathers up the shards of eggshell and sticks them back together, essentially 'freezing' an egg. To avoid the trouble that could come from an egg hatching and splitting into two entities, you get an Egg Collection badge as soon as you find one of these pygmies, and the badge is clickable. It works like past events where we've been able to collect, say, candy. Every time the pygmy uses its BSA to repair and keep an eggshell, that egg shows up under the badge, and you can click the badge to view your collection of eggshells. Watch Egg: the dragon monitors an egg the entire time it cracks, gathering shards of the shell as soon as they fall loose. When the egg hatches, the dragon assembles the eggshell out of the shards, binding the shards together with a sticky glue, and adds them to its collection. I'm not sure if this would have a failure chance. I guess these could also be combined into Tap and Keep. Dragon taps egg to try to hatch it early and keep the shell. Three possible results: baby hatches early and dragon successfully repairs/keeps shell, baby hatches early but dragon fails to keep shell (due to baby eating it?), or baby is frightened and takes longer to hatch.
  3. To help prevent sickness, don't put the dragon anywhere to get views until it's at 6 days or less. Eggs with over 6 days left are much more prone to sickness.
  4. Sure, it wouldn't have any practical use. Neither does this entire site. It'd just be for looking at and enjoying, and adding a tinge of realism. After all, what journal entry of an animal species doesn't mention its size? I have a new idea and have updated the first post. This would require only vague approximations of sizes, only one new image, and could be very easily updated if an inactive spriter came back and said that a dragon is the wrong size. Absent the artist, I'd think a decent idea of size could be had from looking at how a dragon is designed, what it eats, and how it acts, i.e. an agile, slender, fish-eating dragon is probably not very large. Getting artist input could be made relatively easy. A few people discuss and figure out what sizes the categories should be, then any artists willing to be contacted could simply be asked "which category does this dragon species closely match?" and the answer could be noted. This would also mean that no dragon ever needs to be declared the smallest or the largest. You just say it's in the largest size category. I could do the same with whales, placing, say, humpback and sperm whales in the same size class without ever actually mentioning which is larger.
  5. Oh, no, this would not be all on the same page. Each breed would have that image above, with the red dragon replaced by that particular breed, on its encyclopedia page. For example, you go to the Celestial encyclopedia page, you see the silhouettes of average representations of some of the categories, like the picture above, with the Celestial sprite superimposed over them so you can compare the Celestial to those representative dragons. The Pink dragon entry would have those average dragon silhouettes with a Pink sprite over them, and so on. As for the size thing, I think it'd be reasonable to go with whatever makes sense. If the dragon is mentioned in the encyclopedia or description to be unusually large/small, that's taken into account. If they come back online at a future point, see the size, and say "hey, that's not right", it gets changed. If not, no harm done. Also, I don't think this would put too much effort on TJ himself. The only coding I can think of would be putting each dragon's comparison image on its encyclopedia page, maybe to be unlocked along with the adult sprite. The rest would be coming up with reasonable sizes for the dragons, someone making the background of the image with the few silhouettes of representative dragons, and someone taking each sprite and overlaying it on the background. I really want to know how big these are, and I feel like images would have more impact than just numbers.
  6. A decent number of dragons mention somewhere in encyclopedia entries or descriptions that the species is comparatively large or small, but I have no idea how large the majority of these dragons are supposed to be. The encyclopedia entries should have, at least, approximate average length. What would be cooler, though, is something like the below. Picture this: the Celestial entry mentions the dragons' "great size and strength". You read that, you maybe think "cool, it's large". You read a size in numbers, maybe you get a vague idea of its size in your head. Wouldn't you rather click through to its encyclopedia entry, see a massive shape compared to the rest of the dragons, and go "woah that's big!" ? First, come up with size classes. I'm thinking maybe Micro (Chickens, Pumpkins), Tiny (the smaller drakes, think around dog-sized, could keep this in your backyard), Small (livestock-sized, like cows), Medium (bigger than most modern animals), Large (starting to get into storybook dragon size), Huge (definitely storybook size), Gargantuan, (we're talking bigger than anything but whales here), up to Colossal, i.e. "cannot fit on the scale". The above image is a vague idea of what it would look like, I put no effort into making the images actually match imagined size classes. Second, assign each dragon a size class. Said size class goes on the encyclopedia page, and links to the above picture to show you how big that size class is. This wouldn't require figuring out an exact size for each dragon, just a rough idea. If an inactive spriter came back online and said "hey, that's wrong", just change that dragon's size class. Otherwise, dragons made by inactive spriters could be assigned size class based on any details in their encyclopedia/description about size, mentions of diet, and probably just a bit of what seems right. I can't imagine Pinks being very large, for example. Say, you want to know how big a Pumpkin dragon is. You go to its encyclopedia page, you see it's classed as Micro, you click the category to see this picture, and voila. You know how big a Pumpkin dragon is. Any dragons mentioned to not stop growing would be given the class of their size when they reach adulthood, with a note that they can get much bigger. (old idea, scrapped) What would be really cool would be a picture something like the example below. Pick a few classes of dragons, say Western, Eastern, Wyrms, Pygmies, Drakes, and the general wingless category, and decide which dragon is about medium-sized for each category. Just for the sake of this example, we'll say that a Seasonal dragon is a good mid-sized example of a Western class dragon. We would put the silhouette of a Seasonal dragon on a grid with sizes, alongside a human shape and an average-sized member of each other class. That grid, with silhouettes, would be in every encyclopedia entry, and would be the same. The unique part of the entries would be the adult dragon for each entry (potentially both adults if there's significant size difference between the sexes) overlaid in color. Something like this. The grey shapes (not intended to represent any particular dragons) are the standard parts of the chart, and the red shape represents the individual dragon for that entry. Numbers along the bottom would also be good. This way, we see the approximate size of the dragon in question, plus how it stacks up against other dragons and against a human. It would require some work to figure out how large each dragon should be, but the spriting/art itself would be relatively simple. Make the initial grid, then take the transparent sprite of each dragon, size it appropriately, and place it over the grid. For dragons actually used in the grid (in this example, the Seasonal), just put the silhouette in color.
  7. In order to get enough views, I'm thinking of trying a Neglected experiment so that the egg will be unfogged on the first day of the Halloween dragon drop. I assume the fansites will all be flooded with people that day. Make sense to anyone else?
  8. https://dragcave.net/lineage/iR1Vb My first Trio, and a gorgeous lineage to boot. Thunder/Shadow Walker 3g checker. Thanks to scrollname @tnoelemaK for this lovely.
  9. [SIZE=7][COLOR=blue]I want to join![/COLOR][/SIZE] [B]Scroll Name - Betta132[/B] [B]Forum Name - Fishkeeper[/B] [B]PM Link - Snowcone[/B] I've been getting the majority of my dragons from the AP so far. Gotta love those reduced hatch times. [SIZE=7][color=blue]I have hatched eggs from the AP![/SIZE][/color] [b]Dragon Codes - GA27X qzgfu jeMQN koJrR YsQPK f3zge AHebk tjmDl IAtAf ieKTy pjKw8 LIWtP K7tFh a5T7z fRtbF uVcQA F7Av0 uzoGg o2Hqu oTvsP JtG8k LB7LW 86a3O ko72y gXB4w hY2zI P5Qwp EOmnX s8TLk OUHii zO8sr rVt3V [/b] [b]Scroll Name - Betta132[/b] [b]Gifting them to somebody, trading, freezing, or keeping it? - Keeping[/b] [b]Total Points - 0 + 32 = 32[/b] How much for a CB vampire egg?
  10. Got a Black Truffle egg, CB. I've been wanting one. Also found a CB, nearly-hatched Kingcrowne and a 2nd gen, winged Glory Drake hatchie in the AP yesterday.
  11. https://dragcave.net/lineage/IxrMl Lineage itself is nothing special, but I caught it as a winged hatchling. Not sure why it was dumped, still surprised I managed to grab it, especially as I had one of those time-killing "is that what I think it i- OOH" moments of hesitation. Thank you, scrollname SecretMagic, for my first member of a gorgeous breed.
  12. I'm in college, I need to go to bed before 11pm most nights, I'm not available to stay up past midnight on a weekday. Is the best zombie production time on Halloween at midnight-6am like usual, or is there a significant boost all day?
  13. When I was tiny I decided that the best gift for my dad was his car keys, since he used them so much and apparently liked them. I therefore proceeded to steal his car keys, wrap them, and hide them for a month. He had to buy a new set of keys, because I pretended not to know where they were, since that's what you do with presents. Fortunately, my parents are sensible and thought it was funny.
  14. Raptors. 'Nuff said. (Ark: Survival Evolved)
  15. Mass breeding everything that someone might want. Six prizes, an ice, a magma, a gold, two gold wyverns, a bunch of pink and purples, a couple nebulas, some vamps, nine reds, three low-gen seasonals, and a handful of more uncommon breeds like Blusangs and stripes. Incubated some of those vamps down to near hatching. Good luck!
  16. I can no longer find any to photograph- not sure why. They just haven't been around for a couple of years... I suspect the dry cycle we're in may have considerably lowered the population or made them stay underground. I know putting them outside won't help much, but it's more of a 'go under the house, roach, and stay out of our rooms' thing. Also, the cat kills them and leaves them on the floor otherwise.
  17. I used to have Madagascar hisser roaches. Kept them in a tank under my bed. Very neat, wingless, slow-running, low-care pets. They bred at one point, which was awesome both for me and for the schoolteacher who got most of the babies for the school. Anyone know what kind of roach is small, roundish, dark-colored, wingless, and lives under rocks? They burrow into the dirt when uncovered, and I've never seen one over half an inch long. They have flattened head armor and make no noise or stink that I'm aware of. The pest control guy we use doesn't know what they are, which makes me think they aren't a pest. Well, that and it ran up my sleeve before he could get a very good look. I'm in Central Texas, if it helps. I love those little buggers... They're really funny and kind of adorable. Oh, and I have a semi-pet American cockroach in my room. He's almost two inches long, black, and probably eats spilled fish food. I leave him alone because I don't mind him. Our house is over a hundred years old and has hollow walls with no insulation. We get bugs. Because of that, we do have a few roaches... And they no longer fear me. Now and then at night a roach will just tootle his way across the floor, stop to look up at me, and then keep going. The babies like our bathroom. They amuse me because they look like someone drew a cartoon bug and then it just got up and ran away. Why all the roaches? One ran across the floor and reminded me. We don't have an infestation, just a few resident roaches. I catch them and put them outside when I find them indoors. Aside from the black one in my room, he's way too fast and I have too many good hiding places for roaches. On the subject of moths- I LOVE sphinx moths. They're large enough to hold and feel some weight, and they tend to be pretty docile. Catch one, cup your hand over it for a minute or two, and it'll just sit there and tremble its wings as long as you don't frighten it. And they're so soft... I wish there was a foot-long species of moth that would live for a decade or so. I would totally beg for one as a pet. You ever hatch luna moth cocoons? I suggest it. You can get the mail-order, and all you have to do is keep them in a bug net until they hatch. After that you can look at them for a little while and then let them free... If you let them out of an upstairs window at night, they almost seem to glow as they fly. It's amazing. Oh, and we raised io moths from caterpillars once because the neighbors found some on their oak tree and gave them to us. Beautiful green finger-sized caterpillars with spots and spines- really nice to watch. And when they grew up... I was 6, I think, and each one was easily the size of my hand with its wings halfway folded. That was epic. Somewhere we have a picture of my little brother holding one and staring at it like it's a bunch of nanobots or something. Me wuvs moffs.
  18. I'm trying for a neggie at the moment... I personally don't think it's cruel to try it with pixels. If they were real, I would absolutely refuse to try it, but they aren't real. I admit, though... The 'kill' action... Used it a couple of times to get zombies. Now, I want more hatchie zombies... But the message you get... I may be far too attached to those things, but I don't wanna kill another one- *flails*
  19. Maybe if you need a different dragon to trade adults -perhaps an Imperial Magi - and they had a long cooldown time? Rares could possibly mean a longer cooldown, or there could bea limit to how many times you could trade adults in a month.
  20. I have an idea... Someone mentioned that the dragons are usually designed for one or two habitats. What if there was a species that lived in the foggy area that could: A: Swipe eggs from other areas and care for them themselves. B: Somehow 'copy' any other dragon species they see elsewhere and then lay just random eggs back home. And maybe that could be a new species, the foggy dragon. Maybe they could be a dragon that you can breed with anything (including drakes and pygmies) but only ever get the other species. Kind of like a holiday, except it's never foggy dragon season. They'd probably be a rare species that you just now and then might get... And I LOVE the idea of putting dragons in it that can't be found anywhere else. That would give people incentive to use it. Ooh, I like the idea of it being a dark cave somewhere... Maybe there's a dragon that fills it with a dark magical mist that clings to the eggs, and when you grab an egg it shows up on your scroll as a dark cloud of fog. Like fogged eggs, but darker color, and it would say 'this egg is covered in a thick black mist. Try as you might, you can't get rid of it'. To avoid people waiting a few days for something common, maybe the mist could dissipate after a few hours... Maybe about the time it can be abandoned. Or maybe (just an idea) fog-grabbed eggs wouldn't have a time limit before they can be abandoned, but you'd want to wait for the mist to dissipate and see what it was. And I actually like the AP being full... Means that I can grab a low time egg, incubate it, and have a hatchie (number booster!) in an hour or so, sometimes less. Plus, great vamp fodder.
  21. That's a really good idea! Maybe that, plus putting the eggs back together? Because I personally love Nebula eggs, but I don't want to kill a Nebula egg for the shell, and nobody's gonna kill a Gold or GoN egg!
  22. I just found this, and I think piecing the eggshell back together is a FABULOUS IDEA!!!! And the backwards ratio (100% chance for very rares, rare success for commons) is a great idea as well. To anybody who's in charge of adding new features: PLEASE PUT THIS IN!!!! Maybe it can be listed under hatchling actions? Or a BSA? If a BSA, there shouldn't be a limit. That way, if you have several rares about to hatch, but only one egg-repairing dragon, you don't have to worry. And maybe there should be an icon near the eggshell that's a teeny black version of a dead egg, to show that it hatched.
  23. Sorry, everyone! I kind of lost my inspiration for this. Then I found it! @ubbydubby, that would be great, thanks!