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  1. Please it needs population
  2. Please visit: http://fairy-dragon.myminicity.com/
  3. Spiders and snakes.I can't tell how i hate them and how I'm scared of them.
  4. I love horses.They are my fav animals.I don't have one but there are some poeples near us that have horses so I can see them evry day of year.
  5. And this is my city (click this text)
  6. Please click&feed Please click and feed.Here are mine:
  7. Clicked yours.Here are mine: Please give them a click it only takes you a minute.I agree that we should have more than only 100 clicks per day.I currenty don't have time to click but it would help others&me too when I Don't work.
  8. Well i collect stones, DVDs and any king of collecting cards.But I'm thinking I could start collecting napkins too.
  9. Thanx for the link& Happy holidays evryone!
  10. Haven't heard about this site but i sounds fun.Maybe i'll join.