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  1. I would like an avatar

    Forum Name: MojcaXX

    Which Dragon: pink

    What do you want it doing (be specific): pink dragon flies from the left and sits on the text.I'd like you to write MojcaXX in the middle in the bottom of the avatar.I'd like the text to be the colour that you can be seen well in that backround.You choose it and of medium size.Not too big and not too small.After 2-3 seconds the dragon flies away to the right and dissapears.

    Any Text? (font): yes, MojcaXX

    Background (can also be animated): sky that you used in the royal blue avatar on the first page



    Payment: I have a gold tinsel, but I can breed something else if you want


    "I will not make more than a single scroll.


    I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll.


    I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls.


    REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such.


    I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend."


    I take the oath