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  1. I second this statement. Refusals suck, and are very very frustrating. I had an awesome lineage that I wanted to make 2 years ago and was taking me well over a year to create. It got ruined by a refusal. I was very upset, and have not been able to correct it ever since. It's been so long now and trying to fix it has changed the lineages so much now that I will never be able to do what I originally wanted to do. And so now I'm working for another year and a half to make an alternate lineage, and if I put all this work in to have another refusal ruin it, then I am going to be even more upset than the last time. There needs to be a way to reverse refusals or else maybe take them out as this thread suggests. I understand not wanting an egg to be produced every single time and the "no interest" is just fine. At least I know that eventually someday I can get what I want out of it...out of the work I put in. And even though I really miss the multiple clutch (it allowed me to keep an egg AND share an egg with others at the same time.) I know it was removed to lower the number of eggs being released. So I understand the desire to limit the number of eggs going out...I really do. But making it impossible to breed two dragons from a desired pair that has been planned out for a very very long time....that just plain sucks.
  2. Personally, I don't like the idea. Sometimes I pick up the wrong egg from the cave and I don't really want it, so when it lets me send it to the AP, I do. Also, sometimes I will pick up an egg or two from the AP just to see what kind of lineages it might have. I never intended on keeping it, unless it turns out to have some amazingly cool lineage or something; and then after I look at it I send it back to the AP. If my name would get attached to just for looking at it for 15 or so seconds and then sending it back...well I'd probably stop doing that. Plus....I have seen this on other sites....and well, to me I think it's just copying those sites and doing it because they do it, not because there is any real need to do it here. As for seeing who may have bred an egg you get from the AP...that's simple, look at the parents. If the owner wants it known who they are, then it will tell you who the owner of the parent was, and therefore the person who sent their bred egg to the AP.
  3. Now that is one awesome lineage! It would have been a must keep for me too if I found one like that
  4. It took me at least 35 to 40 tries between both the Black and the Dark Green dragons, over the course of 3 years before I FINALLY got one of each. But it's possible that it could be closer to 50 or more tries between the two, because I started trying when the alt eggs were actually different, and I usually put the eggs or hatch-lings if they didn't show as an alt into the AP. And I sent a LOT of them to the AP, and most of them never got picked up by anyone. And no I am not exaggerating on the number of tries, I am dead serious. I just dunno how people do it in less or that they even have more than 2 or 3 on their scrolls, especially if they haven't been around nearly as long as I have or have a fraction of the number of dragons that I have. I only have 1 of each of those two and have tried to get others since, especially in the Alt black since there are different adult and hatch-ling sprites. It's gotten so frustrating that I pretty much have given up on trying anymore. Once in a while I'll breed an egg of one of those two types, but I fully expect it to not turn into one and if it does, then it does. I'm not even sure if I want to even bother trying to get an alt Undine, since my experience with the others has been extremely painful. I honestly have no idea how people get them so easily.
  5. Thanks, I had never heard of this before. Now I will know for the future (if I remember.) Since this year is the Flamingo's I wont be doing it, cause I do not like those ones and have been avoiding getting any on my scroll. But it's good to know for next year!
  6. They are one of my favorite dragons and one of the prettiest ones. So I mated mine with another of my favorites and another of the prettiest ones....the Solstice (2013 Christmas.) And I think they went great together! I know this means they are only breedable once a year outside of Valentines Day...but I really like these two together! I see that 3 people have dragons from my breeding this Christmas and I hope that they like my choice of breeding partner! I also look forward to breeding them again on Valentines Day!
  7. I sure hope not. Because I would still like a chance to get a CB prize dragon and I have never won any of the raffles and I have been here for all of them. If they change the dragon next year then I will never get my chance. So I really do not hope for a new one next year. I like the way it was set up this year to be honest. 300 of each of the two types.
  8. I keep seeing a few people referring to a link to click to check and see if you were a winner or not rather than relying on e-mail, which is increasingly unreliable. But I have looked and looked and looked all over for such a link. Where is this link found? Or can someone PM me with it or something please. It is unlikely that I won as I did not get an e-mail, but as stated I do not trust e-mail. I would just as soon click a link and know 100% for sure.
  9. Ummm...huh? I have no idea what this means. What Holly contest?
  10. YEP! Once again I get royally SCREWED! The only bred Solstice I had got changed to the old style and I am EXTREMELY upset about it! Finally for once....for ONCE I was able to be around to get something special and then I get screwed and have it yanked away from me. I LOVED the alternate color of the bred Solstice dragons and was hugely excited and happy when I saw it! Now all that is ruined! First off the change should have been announced or at least hinted at BEFORE christmas dragons were breedable for the year. THEN trying to fix it by screwing over the other half of the people was not the way to fix it either. You should have given people the option if they wanted it changed or not. But as usual I end up on the side that gets royally screwed! People call it a compromise....it's not a compromise....I don't have a choice in the matter. I get forced to have my dragons changed and I don't want them changed! That's not a compromise, that is me losing and getting screwed over!!! I've been coming to DC since 2008, with a small exception of when I was with out internet for about 8 months (which low and behold screwed me out of ever having a chance of getting a frilled dragon.) And I try so hard to get certain special things and never do. I've been trying to get cave born silvers ever since I started back in 08, never have...and probabaly never will because I swear they don't even drop anymore. I haven't seen once in 3 years. I might be happy if I can find a 3rd or 4th gen, small lineage...but I swear no one breeds them anymore either cause I haven't seen one in the AP in 3 years either. I've tried to get a gold since long before the sprite change (incidentally I preferred the old one) but I haven't seen one of those eggs in the cave or AP for 5 years. Not that I could ever grab one fast enough even if I did. I've never won any of the prize dragons, and since they don't do the games anymore for prizes, I'll never be able to get cave born one of them either. Instead I have to weed through the very few I ever see on the AP and if I am lucky enough to grab it fast enough try to find one that has a short decent lineage....and that is getting increasingly difficult. I tried for 5 years to get a Holly dragon and was only ever able to get one when the holiday limits were changed and at the same time something must have been done with the amount of eggs they produce because they suddenly started appearing like crazy when they used to be very sparse, so I am sure most everyone has one now....not nearly as special....but trying to find one with a short and decent lineage is very difficult. But yet I see people with these things all the time. But I never get any! And FINALLY...finally one time I get something special and something I really really liked and it get taken away from me!!!! So if I seem VERY VERY upset, it is because I am!!!!
  11. NO NO NO!!! Please NO! I LOVED the new color in the bred Solstice dragon!!!!! And now I am afraid that I am going to lose that! =( =( =( Do to real life, I rarely ever get on during daytime hours so when I bred my dragon I am pretty sure I did it at night. Is there any way that I can tell what the time of day was? And if the change does take place retroactively, and since the dragons are not breedable anymore until a WHOLE YEAR from now (aprox)....and the chances of remembering that long from now.... I really REALLY don't want to lose the the new coloring =( And I really really don't want to wait another 350 or so days to hopefully remember to try and get it back =( PLEASE can we give people the option to have their's changed somehow...please please. I love my 2014 Solstice just the way they are! *cries* =(