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  1. These were the easiest Holiday eggs yet! Now all I need is a holly. HAHAHAno Merry Christmas folks!
  2. Was going to abandon egg. Accidentally choose and execute KILL function ;_;
  3. THIS. This is the only reason I hate the fuss about lineages. Other than that they don't bother me one way or the other
  4. Just did something. Decide to breed striped dragon with my frilled dragon for a guaranteed egg. Forget that I'm scroll locked on eggs. Loose green striped egg to the AP
  5. All of mine disintegrated. sad face.
  6. Ok, Question time: Revive. Is this an action after you kill a dragon or do you need a specific dragon to pull it off?
  7. Heh, I saw the link right after I posted this, of course... Wow! When did they put this in place? This is pretty friggin awesome.
  8. Wait, have they gotten rid of the scroll lock for events like these? This is really the first time I've ever been able to participate in one, and figured I'd try to get an egg just for kids, even though I already have 5 hatchlings. Well, I got one. Have I just been away for so long that I forgot that hatchlings don't effect the number of eggs you can have? Or do they remove the scroll lock on these events?
  9. Uggg, NO! Scroll lock ;_; curses