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  1. Seven eggies for me!!! *dances and pets them*
  2. Rehtaeh

    Holiday Trading!

    LF: G2 Desipis - not particular on the color or mate, but prefer a non-holiday mate. I have G1 Shadow Walkers x4 G1 Cavern Lurkers x4 G1 Graves x6 You can pick the mate, and I can name any that are not named. I'm locked at the moment, but will be available by tonight or tomorrow. <3
  3. I keep missing the hollies that go by on the AP. I may have to wait until the 25th when everyone's week is up and they start breeding again.
  4. You need to make sure and select a blank oven or blank preparation recipe before you can click any ingredients. <3
  5. Lucky Duck! All I can find are trades...for CB golds and silvers! As if I could trade one away if I did catch one. Oh holly, you'll forever be on my wishlist. *tear*
  6. Hey there! I've got a lovely link to someone's complete list of recipes. You'll have to send them a thank you. Google Doc Recipe List
  7. Yeah that's the plan.. It is such a pitty to be at the limit for a breed.. so many pretty Christmas lineages out there.. >.< I really wish that our holiday breed limit would increase by one each year. That way you could pick up at least one new holiday every year. *greedy for dragons*
  8. :3 I think I've completed all the recipes. My little pie turned brown. Now to win one of those special dragons!!
  9. Anyone think they can help me find the last two items? I can't seem to unlock the shop, even though I've found 32 items so far. Thankies! Edit: Finally unlocked the shop! I have 35 items now. =)
  10. Oh gawsh. I just bred three PB shadow walkers. Way to go me! Could anyone be so kind as to pm me the Aliset walkthrough? Dragcave is loading so slow it'll just take me forever. =\
  11. So, went to try and summon a dragon. Troll event tricked me into thinking I got some weird new guardian egg. Nope. Randomly generated a pretty red egg for the hunt. I'm happy about the hunt, but seriously my hopes were squashed.
  12. I have two eggs now. Whee! I didn't even know DC had an easter event. I'm off to wake up all my DC buddies. Haha!
  13. I have managed two valentine dragons, two rosebuds, and a sweetling. All of my eggs are under four generations! So happy!
  14. I killed a few dragons for the event. >.< That sounds horrible. I ended up with all five turning into adult zombies. My cave is infested!