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  1. I'm only at level 3 as I just started. I'm so going to enjoy it this year
  2. Meh, I wish I could have won something. At least I had so much fun, and I loved the Christmas event this year(technically last year). I can't wait to see the prizes
  3. Just finished the Aliset quest. It was fun. And I love the costumes! I'm excited to see the new dragons.
  4. Happy birthday DC! I'm going to catch some dragons now.
  5. Yes! I caught two! Plus a purple one I accidentally caught I'm so happy. How long do we have to wait before we see the adult sprites?
  6. I haven't caught one yet I've been a little busy. The hatchlings are adorable <3
  7. Yes! I finished just in time. I really love the egg sprites <3
  8. Got 11 eggs for now, but I just found out this afternoon that there was an event. Some of the eggs are truly beautiful
  9. I love this event, even if I got just one valentine, at least I sent valentines to others that didn't have one or didn't have many. Thank you TJ, and all the others that have been involved.
  10. I couldn't believe I caught two eggs at the same time. TWO! I love the hatchlings. Happy valentine's day everybody <3
  11. Yay! I found all three valentines eggs, I'm so exited for the new one
  12. YEEESSSS! I was waiting for this! Tomorrow I'm going to catch some eggs.
  13. Wow, they are both so beautiful! I must get the gold one immediately!
  14. Great TJ, our voices have to be heard too
  15. I fear spiders and other big bugs and unexpected death, they are usually violent.
  16. Well, I woud really like to live in the world of Lord of the Rings, or Pern, or Pandora (wow, so many places to visit ). I would go anywhere as long as there are some characteristics from the fictional planets I want to live in and dragons.
  17. I'm 159cm tall, almost 160cm. I think I'm one of the shortest between my friends, but not so short for my age, I think. (I'm 14, if you're wondering).
  18. I have two budgies (also known as lovebirds or parakeets), one male and one female, their names are Derek and Fibi. I also had many gold fishes, but they all died exept for the one I had In Italy and still survives today. I gave it to an old friend, and she said that it grew a lot since I left. She also told me that if fed well, they can live for ten years (he is already five-six years old).
  19. My dreams are so weird and confusionary that I don't even know what's going on. Once I dreamed I was chased by a shark (lol, Jaws), and another time I saw spaceships near my house I had other strange dreams like these (maybe crazier), but I can't remember them really well.
  20. Yes, it is real. The water level is increasing, in some parts of the world is getting hotter, natural disasters etc. It is getting obvious. Last year on July it didn't rain and the temperatures almost reached 40 degrees. Even this year we will notice some climate changes.
  21. Both my parents are from Iran. Yet I only know English and Italian (my family moved to Italy before my sister and I were born) and I forgot most of the Farsi I learned from my parents and sister
  22. I think both humans and animals are important. Both humans and animals have problems, so we should think of a way of solving problems for both animals and humans.
  23. I really love the adult version, I read on the Wikia that they are called Snow Magi and they can control weather or something
  24. Mine are going to hatch tomorrow. I'm curious to know the name of the holiday dragon
  25. Already caught two eggs! I caught one yesterday and waited until now to put it into the hatchery. I really love the design of the eggs.