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  1. Woot, got a pair of the crimsons!
  2. Welp, that's embarrassing! I didn't know these were out. Would've been nice if you'd kept the teleport link a bit longer, though, instead of dumping the egg in the AP. :/
  3. Free to a Good Home! No freezing, biting, breaking, bashing, smashing, abandoning, or otherwise mistreatment. The egg has been influenced male. Gurrrrrrrl, lookit dat lineage!
  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? We can't breed the Halloweens that grow up this round? That's.. really sad. :<
  5. No zombies for me this year! At least I managed to clean some inbreds off my scroll. c.c
  6. Aw, nuts. I was all on track for the 31st, but the 3rd, I'll be busy, most likely. Crappo.
  7. I have a clingy candy apple. I've collected it, but it still wants to see me on every page, even after refresing. Overly Attached Candy, imo.
  8. Sweet monkey heyzeus, that is gorgeous! It will have a good home with me, I can assure you!
  9. *performs another rain dance to summon TJ into breeding the Thuwed clan*
  10. Same here. Was doing some trading earlier and I swore up and down any second when my egg slots were full was going to be when it happened. This stuff makes me paranoid, man!
  11. *does the dance of TJ-Breeds-His-Thuweds in earnest*
  12. I haven't participated in a DC Halloween since 2008, when I got my first Vampire. I'm excited about what's coming out. I'd like to get a Marrow or Walker, if I'm lucky enough!
  13. Looking for a 2nd Gen, PB preferred, any color other than white. :> Big thank you to Tayiadragonbite for helping me find a lovely 2nd Gen!
  14. I wonder if TJ's gonna keep up the Monday breeding?
  15. I.. I pretty much need to be part of this lineage forever.
  16. 5th Gen Flame Pygmy Thuwed! Take me home. Love me, name me. Don't freeze me, bite me, break me, or toss me.
  17. ZhenVenin

    Cool Codes

    Let the reign of KAoS5 begin!
  18. You make me weep. I can't see the eggs, it just tells me I'm on a list. ; ;
  19. Unless of course you went with the 'random' option, then you're kind of on all the lists? Rofl.
  20. Many of us now bouncing in our seats. Waugh.
  21. Who else is stalking this thread hoping TJ breeds his Thuweds at the same time he did last week?
  22. A very Handsomely Lineaged Crimson Pygmy Thuwed looking for a good home that won't freeze/bite/kill or otherwise experiment on it!