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  1. Squeeee<3333333333 http://dragcave.net/lineage/aFbzQ I was hoping for a silver, but this is all I can really ask for. Influencing it male and hoping for the best.
  2. Ahahaha, thank you. I realized my egg has an awkward silver in it, but I thought there might be people who could trade me.
  3. What would this be worth in terms of 2nd gen Soul peaces, PB Whites, or PB Falconiform Wyverns? http://dragcave.net/lineage/DzWIw
  4. I started Cowboy Bebop two days ago. I figured it was time I get to it.
  5. Thank you! Why would holiday lineages be worth less though?
  6. Would this egg be worth an Avatar? http://dragcave.net/lineage/od6kN If not, would an egg like this be worth one? http://dragcave.net/lineage/Fx4YI I'm able to breed these, and my silvers seem pretty willing to be giving out eggs. Is separately they're not worth one, then could they be worth one put together? If they're not worth avatars at all, how many 2nd gen soulpeaces could I get for them? Thank you!
  7. Sorry for the confusion, here's my resubmission!
  8. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: wingedwarrior_21 Scroll Name(Make scroll link): scroll here PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=178503 What Avatar do you want? Creation Any desired mates? Tsunami Any other comments? If possible, could they be 2nd gen? If not, that's okay. Chaoz!
  9. This is awesome! I just wish I had some GoN on my scroll.
  10. I have 26 eggs and about to log off for the night. What are the chances that I'll finish collecting all of the eggs by the deadline? I really want to get the Loki egg in the least.
  11. I meant the divisions from Attack on Titan, but thanks for letting me know about the actual military divisions too. Ah, okay. Thank you for letting me know about the time between eggs. I only have 14, don't think I'll be able to get all of them. Oh well, I like what I have so far.
  12. WAIT THERE'S A SCOUTING LEGION EGG PRAISE BE These eggs are so lovely I love them. Does anyone happen to know if all of the military divisions are eggs too? Edit: And how do people get these eggs to quickly? Can you just refresh the page and they show up or do you have to go and click on different pages?
  13. I got the Avengers egg. My life is complete.
  14. What do CB Cheeses usually go for in terms of 2nd gen soulpeaces or dinos?
  15. The Glaucus drakes are lovely.
  16. What are CB Ices worth in terms of 2G Soulpeaces? Or what do people usually trade these for?
  17. What are CB Thunder Eggs usually worth? Perhaps in terms of CB Tan Ridgewing, Soulpeace(s), etc? I'm also really interested in CB Silvers, are they worth the same? Thanks!
  18. I want to join! Username: wingedwarrior_21 PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...E=04&MID=178503 Scroll Link:: http://dragcave.net/user/wingedwarrior_21 Lineage Group: I can do either Angels or Archangels. What will you do with your Soulpeace egg?: Breed them with my CB Whites. Secret word:: Divine
  19. (Sorry for all these questions!) If I wanted to take part in this lineage project, which form would I have to fill out first?
  20. No, I think that they're both stairs built upon female Soulpeaces. With Fallen Angels, however, maybe it's an alternating White and Daydream CB pattern? For example, you breed the 2nd gen Soulpeace with a White male and then the 3rd gen offspring with a Male Daydream. Correct me if I'm wrong! I'll still need clarification on other lineages and again, examples would be great!
  21. Hello! I'm interested in joining, but I'm slightly confused as to how the breeding groups work. Could you explain/give me examples of what the lineage groups should look like? For example, what would the different be between Angels and Fallen Angels? Thank you!
  22. How much are CB Winters worth? I'm not really interested in them and I nabbed one from the cave. http://dragcave.net/lineage/19a9U
  23. I got onto TJ's breeding list for his Silver x White. <3