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I take breeding requests! Just drop me a PM - I'll respond. I don't bite. ^.^More information on breeding on my profile.wingedwarrior_21.pngWhite Army: 62/75.Looking for 2nd gen Soulpeaces, PM me. :)I am IOU friendly!6645493383_7c6e66d3fe_t.jpg 33nw5tv.png 168ajxj.gif2prir7c.png

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    Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house I go.
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    IOU friendly!

    I am more than happy to breed for people, as long as they ask nicely. Please don't hesitate to drop me a PM. ^_^ I usually breed for free, unless you request from my nicely-lineaged metallics. I only say this because they can be extremely stubbron sometimes. With all my other dragons, I'm not that picky. :)

    Currently, I'm looking for 2G Soulpeaces with a Daydream mother and a White father. I'll always trade for those!