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  1. I never got a message with the link so didn't know about the Virtuous egg being available.
  2. no egg for Romantic line this week. Righteous egg is waiting to be picked up. New egg form! Lineage Name: Righteous Breeder's Name: mandrakekeeper Intended For: ? next 3 people were contacted Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/nsGzy
  3. If you can hatch it, I can take it late tomorrow evening or the following day. i'm egg locked at the moment. I have sent messages to the people still waiting on eggs from the romantic and jubilant lineages. If one if them is still active i'll breed them an egg.
  4. Transfer form! Lineage Name: Romantic Breeder's Name: buckskinmist Transfered To: mandrakekeeper Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/B087p
  5. Is there anything we can do to help so that this can be officially completed?
  6. no you haven't. They had RL issues pop up and then they were waiting for the Valentine madness to end before organizing the ones that didn't get anything. the big raffle won't happen until the very end of Secret Santa.
  7. I'm ready to get back to helping those that didn't get anything from their original gifter.
  8. I'm looking for Alt Sweetling X Silver checkers. PM me to see if a blood swap is possible.
  9. I was finally able to catch a cb nebula for my giftee. Just a final gift I wanted to give. I was able to give everything on my giftee's list except a neglected. those are way to hard to come by. Thanks everyone that helped me complete the full list for my giftee. Looking forward to helping with those that didn't have active gifters. I have another batch of black eggs with the hope of getting an alt out of it. fingers crossed.
  10. KingZanto, Malum, and Sister of the Dragon all got some special gifts left on their doorsteps this evening. Please enjoy and Merry Christmas!!! 5 of the 6 blacks did not alt so here they are (you can take for yourself or for your giftee) Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. That would be so cool. Thank you very much. I usually see one here or there but for some reason not a one in sight this month. Very frustrating.
  12. Left a little gift for my giftee. finally got the right color they needed. Now if only I could find a CB nebula, I would have gotten all the dragon options she listed but a neglected. Those are just too hard to come by but with Buckskinmist's help, I was able to give her the CB gold she wanted.
  13. Thanks to buckskinmist, I was able to give my giftee a CB Gold - from #1 line on her list. That covers all lines. woohoo! i'm still looking for other dragons to gift but I don't think i'll be able to top this one. Thanks again to buckskinmist! You totally ROCK!!!!!! http://imgur.com/o92LyCn in other news, my blacks didn't alt. i'll keep trying. also, I can do 2nd gen golds and silvers if anyone wants me to try for them. I also have lots of checks that I can breed - again most are golds and silvers. I even have some even gen prize including one that is all prize and ember. made the mate for the prize myself. 6EG contact me if you need help with something. also, who hasn't heard from their gifter yet?
  14. I have another egg waiting to be picked up by my giftee. so excited about this one. Thanks buckskinmist for the assist on this one. I doubt I would have been able to fulfill this wish without you. *hugs*
  15. my giftee got her lunar egg. http://imgur.com/paYsiNd and my Secret Santa Sara4cows has given me a couple of blue lunars and a couple of day glory drakes. YAY! Thanks!!! I will say it again, you are the bestest! edit: I have some 2G pure black reg hatchling if anyone needs them for their giftee or themselves. They will be sent to the ap if no one wants them. gone.
  16. have another egg (blue lunar) waiting for my giftee to pick up. It's another one for line 4. A CB nebula and a CB gold and i'll have gotten her all of the eggs/hatchlings she asked for on lines 1-6. I have a couple of 2G black eggs that i'm waiting to see if they Alt. if they do, i'll let ya'll know. I have golds and silvers that I can breed if anyone needs 2G or higher golds and silvers for their giftees. I also have a lot of checkers and even gen pairs to choose from. Just PM me your info and i'll see if my dragons cooperate.
  17. Thank you Secret Santa for my lovely red hatchlings. My Giftee picked up her red and pink hatchlings also. http://imgur.com/LOvaelb
  18. 2G nebula picked up by giftee - 5th line http://imgur.com/bfa58yU] earlier eggs sent: blusang and copper - line 2 and 3 pink hatchling - line 6 CB gold wyvern was shown in earlier post - line 4 http://imgur.com/aSrE6w8 (I hope these links work) have some red and pink hatchlnigs waiting to be picked up. Now if only I can find a CB gold or a neglected I will have fulfilled the entire list.
  19. Do they want a gold or silver from any type of checker? check clarifying since I have lots of holiday checkers to work with. edit: sent 2G nebula to giftee (line 5). waiting for it to be picked up.
  20. my giftee has picked up all the gifts sent to her so far - coppers, xenos, GW's, blusang, and pink. I'll be working on the rest. not sure if you can see this or not... screenshot
  21. I have to thank my secret santa sara4cows for being the most awesomenest secret santa out there. She gave multiple golds to be mates for some of my dragons and today a CB Gold! *snoopy dances* Thanks for all the lovelies that you have given me!
  22. my giftee has picked up 2 eggs (copper and blusang) and a cb pink hatchling so far. she is waiting for more room before picking up more of the gifts waiting on her. I also want to thank MisaTange and Secret Santa acct for the assist with more babies for my giftee. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
  23. oh, my giftee is wanting GW and Xenos. I can us one or all. Thanks sylviamaris!!! You rock!!!! I sent the link with the 2GWs and 2 Xenos to my giftee. I'm just waiting for her to pick everything up now.
  24. my first gifts are awaiting to be picked up. Will send notice when they have been. I love this part of SS. As I get room, I'll see if I can help others with their lists.
  25. My AWESOME Secret Santa has given me another matching pair of Xenowyrms and another 3rd gen tinsel - silver this time. WOOHOO!!! Thank you SS sara4cows!!!! I'll be able to send my first gifts to my giftee later tonight. If anyone comes across a CB gold, I'll try to work out a good trade deal for it. It along with a neglected are #1 on my giftee lists and will be near impossible to get without some help.