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  1. Don't feel too bad...I don't have any of them either.
  2. Forum ID: Tahlian Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Tahlian PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=178487 Proof that I read the rules: Shiny Happy People
  3. I've just managed to successfully breed another Hope egg. If anyone in the project wants or needs it, let me know - otherwise, I'll happily keep it.
  4. Rubye's Hope Rising and her mate, Fortune's Favor, are pleased to present their firstborn daughter, There's Always Hope! I'll see what I can do about donating some Hope eggs to the cause once everyone's off cooldown - and once There's Always Hope grows up, of course.
  5. Hooray...finally found a CB male my Rubye approved of! Now that I have a breeding pair, I can start producing eggs to donate once they're back off cooldown.
  6. My Hope baby and her mate are adults now...I'm waiting for the Christmas dragon season to pass before breeding them, to make sure there will be spots for offspring. Is it permissible for me to keep their first baby, then begin contributing eggs to others who desire a Hope dragon?
  7. I'm very much enjoying my first Dragon Cave Christmas. My pillow dragons dressed up for the holiday really made me laugh - silly little things! Looking forward to more fun at my favorite time of year.
  8. My Hope egg has hatched! It hasn't gendered yet, but I have named it Rubye's Hope Rising in honor of my grandmother, the breast cancer survivor. I figure that name should suit nicely, even if the little one defies my influence suggestion of gendering female.
  9. Huzzah! Snagged my CB egg! I'll be PMing about my Hope starter as soon as I have a slot open up. Thanks for the tip about the Desert biome, purplehaze - it worked a treat!
  10. Well, I'm on the hunt for a CB pink egg while waiting to be added to the list - I didn't realize how challenging a quest this is going to be! Every time I find an egg in the cave with the right description, it ends up being a flamingo instead of a pink. But, as they say, try try again, huh?
  11. I'll start pink-hunting in the cave. I hadn't yet requested a Hope dragon...I'll do that as soon as I'm sure I have a spot ready for it. Thanks!
  12. I'd like to join the project, if I may. One of my co-workers passed away in November 2010 to this disease, and my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor.
  13. I just rescued an inbred black hatchling from the AP - he/she's up to the first respondent who promises to give the little beggar a good home! EDIT: And gone! Good luck with him/her - and thanks!
  14. I picked up this little egg - now hatchie - off the AP and was surprised when AoND said it saw 95 inbred dragons in its lineage. http://dragcave.net/lineage/PibCi Of course I kept it...after all, an Influence BSA is an Influence BSA, and boy do I need those.
  15. My first holiday here on DC...and I had an absolutely wonderful time! Managed to pick up some pumpkins and marrows, and got a few of the ghost eggs, too. I loved the Haunted House adventure - that was a really unique, awesome idea. Looking forward to more holiday fun later in the year - if Christmas is anything as nice as Halloween was, it should be grand fun. Thank you to TJ and the rest of the staff for the spooky good fun!