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    x;Always Looking For;x

    «all are hoped to be non-inbred, please and thank youu<3»
    «lineages are hoped to be bareable or cb unless specified<3»
    «will accept pink or red inbreds»

    - Bronze Tinsels (stair step, checkerboard or spiral lineages)[Ember and Marrow staircases/checkerboards are especially my favourite (:! *wink wink*]
    - Silver Metallics
    - Gold Metallics
    - Stripes, any color besides white!
    - Tinsel-fails of any breed with a pretty lineage (short or even gen only)
    - Blacks alts
    - Anything 2nd gen that was bred with a Marrow or Heartseeker<3
    - Shimmerscales - any lineage!
    - Tri-Horn Wyverns



    * Second gen female gold metallic from M Gold x F Deep Sea (gl me, I know.) Such beautiful colours *-*
    * A Bronze Tinsel or Gold Tinsel bred with a Lumina or Speckle-Throat o___o I don't knooow if there are any... But I think it would be beautiful and would love to see the lineage!
    * 3rd gen even gen Hellfire egg for one of my Marrows
    * Tinsels from Artemis~
    * Shimmerscales from Jewel, moonstone line only. I'm in love hehe.


    x;Partner lineages needed for my holidays;x

    «I want the non-holiday eggs from the pairs below d:»
    «All mentioned must have cb parents! No dead lines»
    «Will give the breeder the first non holiday or holiday from the planned lineage if they want(:»

    - M Marrow x F Stripe (egg or f hatchling)
    - M Ember x F Marrow (egg or f hatchling) x2
    - M Marrow x F Ember (egg or m hatchling)
    - M Marrow x F Red Dorsal (egg or m hatchling - must be red dorsal)
    - M Marrow x F Harvest (egg or f hatchling)
    - M Albino x F Marrow (egg or m hatchling)
    - M Spring x F '09 Valentine (egg or m hatchling)
    - M Moonshine x F Rosebud (egg or m hatchling)
    - M Bright Pink x F Rosebud (egg or m hatchling)
    - M Sweetling x F Sunsong (egg or f hatchling)
    - M Yulebuck x F Bright Pink (egg or f hatchling)

    x;More partner lineages for holidays;x

    «These ones have to have the halloween partner, so must be bred at halloween time!»

    - M Alt Sweetling x F Marrow (egg or m hatchling)
    - M Winter Magi x F Marrow (egg or f hatchling)
    - M Marrow x F Ribbondancer (egg or f hatchling)
    - M Marrow x F Marrow (egg or f hatchling)


    I'll breed just about anything on my scroll (so long as you don't request an inbred or super lineaged dragon, poor babies are retired).
    Just shoot a pm my way, and I'll see what I can dooo.
    I've come to a point where it doesn't really matter what the dragon is worth lol. I just colleeeccct dragons to further my hoard. And breed for other people to further their pretties.
    I don't bite either, I proomise:). :p

    PS: I loveee to help people with pretty holiday lineages during the off seasons. I have lots of CBs, holidays and not! Dooon't be afraid to pm (:!