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  1. Hurray! Xmas time in the cave! Woot! WOOOT!
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    Donation Meter

    I love dragcave with all my heart, I would donate if I could.
  3. thanks for the warning tj....
  4. I loved the haunted town! Mystified Pgymes a my favorite so that made the whole thing about six times better! Still working on the trick or treat stuff though..wish me luck!
  5. Im not currently reading a book right now... BUT I did just finish reading Fat Cat by Robin Brande
  6. YAY! ACTION LOG! For the longest time ever i've been trying to breed a for a gold egg and..now i can track it! THANK YOU TJ!
  7. Rainbow dash makes everything 20% cooler! Gotta love Dashie!
  8. One of my number one pet peaves has to be my sisters getting into my ducktape.
  9. Happy 6th birthday dragon cave! Woot! Woot!
  10. Your score: 29 Gender: Female Age range: 10-15 Best score for your gender and age range: 0 Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520 yay i did ok..!
  11. O.O new release? I still haven't managed to get my hands on a glimmer.. Oh well wish me luck!
  12. RP Advertisement Name of RP:Into the rabbit hole Link:LINK # of active RPers: me and frostmourne Plot Summary: spin off of Alice in wonderland Other:
  13. Just tHe other day I dreamed lived in a moutain house, and check this, the house was sideways so the floores where on the mouton side.
  14. I'm rEading ink heart right now, so far it's getting good.
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    Nancy Drew

    I've had books 1-8 since 2009 and not once have I ever thought about reading them. (I'm suck a dork for not reading my own books )
  16. ReadinG the series is on my to do list.. After reading so many good comments on the swords Im really interested
  17. I'm playing mincraft a smig, but I put it down for a bit-o reading
  18. One of the dumbest thing I've ever done with videos games would have to be Mario bros, I jumped into the lava at a castle (this was my last life too) thinking it was water.
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    (high five moonbeam! You just stole what I was thinking..)