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Currently looking for: Currently trying to get spitfires for my sister, so I'd love any hatchlings that you might not want!Give me your inbred eggs and hatchies for my hatchie army?miyugi.png

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    I really enjoy avatar sites and other forum based sites such as this one, particularly so that I can indulge my love of collecting without burying my house in stuff. I also really love how close forum communities are.

    I also enjoy reading, particularly fantasy. I enjoy Harry Potter, anything by Tolkien/Robert Jordan/George R.R. Martin/David Eddings/Mercedes Lackey, The Riftwar Saga, The Sword of Truth series, etc. I'm also a fan of Nora Roberts, and love the occasional trashy romance. If you know of a good book, tell me! Even if I know about it already, it's always great to know someone else likes it too!

    I'm a huge fandom addict. Literally, I can quote entire episodes of Dr. Who or Supernatural, and entire chapters from HP or THG. I'm also a walking fanfiction compendium, so if you ever want to talk fandoms, I'm your girl.