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  1. Glad you nabbed that baby, was almost going to keep it just for the code. I'm happy she got grabbed by someone who will use her ❤️
  2. Gifting Silver Shimmer: https://dragcave.net/teleport/b833b0642c8ff2d5aca77d8bd194b849
  3. Kinda jumping from Red Dead Redemption 2, Spyro, Warframe, Fallout 76 and The Isle depending on which of my mates are online
  4. Snow? What is snow? Is it food? Can you eat it? Don't have that in Australia its summer right now
  5. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: Eleven 20 Twelve 20 Thirteen 20 Fourteen 20 Fifteen 20 Ticket Numbers Desired: 432, 963, 2023, 5431, 1931
  6. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: First 20 Second 20 Third 20 Forth 20 Fifth 20 Sixth 20 Seventh 20 Eight 20 Ninth 20 Ticket Numbers Desired: 4657, 7324, 8725, 1347, 5378, 1738, 8403, 8532, 2020 Half of Scroll done another half more coming tomorrow.
  7. First time in about a week the weather is relatively nice.
  8. Whoa lovely! Candelabra is the definite fave for the drop
  9. Finally have one of each plus 2 frills😊 I must say I absolutely adore the new crystalline pink egg it is bloody beautiful mate. Not to fond of the new lineage viewer though but I suppose I can put up with it cause it's DCs birthday. Anyway happy birthday dc hope there are many more great years to come.
  10. Holy Moley definitely my new fave Christmas dragon. I've been waiting for another furry critter to come along
  11. Well its Christmas so I indulged in some Mango Chili Prawns Yummo
  12. Very Mild, thankfully the past few days have be awful it hit about 40 Degrees Celsius (104F)
  13. Got mine, managed to sneak away from the family for two minutes while the steaks are on Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone
  14. The gendered hatchlings are so wicked looking
  15. First time I've actually missed a release gotta start catching I suppose
  16. Still slowly trekking through Xenoblade chronicles on the 3DS
  17. It was beautiful outside about an hour ago, now its just gray and cold