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  1. Round 6: Antarean VS Blossom Angels Coral VS Black Ray Lindwurm Duality VS Frill-Gill Dwarf Bok Choy VS Indigo Fire Mercury Pygmy VS Mithril Phantasm Dragon VS Rain Skymaster Ampipthere VS Regal Diamonds Tanglewyrm VS Willowherb Can't really get why the Phantasm dragons are winning against the Rain dragons =/ They look so messy...
  2. Round 5: Antarean VS Assassino Blossom Angels VS Calligraphy Charred VS Coral Dazzeltail Dragon VS Black Ray Lindwurm Duality VS Fantasy Flame Quetzal VS Frill-Gill Dwarf Bok Choy VS Goldwing Harptail VS Indigo Fire Lepidoptera Dragons VS Mercury Pygmy Mithril VS Opal Phantasm Dragon VS Porcelain Rain VS Sea Spear Lindwurm Silk-tailed VS Skymaster Ampipthere Regal Diamonds VS Stratos Tanglewyrm VS Utopia/Dystopia Willowherb VS Tailwing
  3. Encyclopedia complete Only missing xmas/valentine egg sprites. Thanks to this post!
  4. The only breed I would definitively ask for a lower count it's neglecteds, chickens are not THAT rare (Or I have horrible luck seeing at least 2 chicken eggs per day in the biomes). Oh well, I'm 152 ND hatchlings away from a complete encyclopedia (Not counting the eggs of xmas/valentine breeds)
  5. Frill-Gill VS Carrots NULL Dwarf Bok Choy VS Glacier Dragon Glorious Maned VS Goldwing Harptail VS Humming NULL Indigo Fire VS Jade BOTH Lacewing VS Lepidoptera Dragons Lupine Drake VS Mercury Pygmy Mithril VS Ne'Enden Easterns NULL Lotus VS Opal Paradise VS Phantasm Dragon
  6. Royal Blue Dragons And I'm trying to hoard Soulpeace dragons
  7. Considering the WoW old gods are based on the Lovecraftian ones, it fits!
  8. Of course! As soon as I saw that the cavern lurkers looked like little Lovecraftian abominations I grabbed the names ASAP
  9. My Cavern lurkers are surrendering their Lovecraftian names to the new Desipis.
  10. Really, I thought I wouldn't see a Halloween dragon that I would love the same or more than Black Marrows. Welcome to my favorite breeds club, Desipis! (I thought it would be a paranoia/fear based dragon, not a mind-controlling one, honestly!)
  11. My encyclopedia it's complete save for the 160 neglected hatchlings I still need
  12. Sorry, no frozen hatchlings. My scroll it's in alphabetic order, so feel free to check it (Pages 6-13 are Royal Blue Dragons). You can access my scroll via my signature BTW, does anyone have 160 neglected hatchlings laying around there? I already clicked all the frozen neglecteds that appear in the DC record book ><
  13. I almost finish the whole encyclopedia, just missing: - Blacktip hatchlings - Imperial Fleshcrown Hatchlings - Neglected Eggs and hatchlings (Still need to click 160 hatchlings!!) - Speckle-Throated Hatchlings I just complete that and I'll have the whole encyclopedia full
  14. Voted And I feel that Rain Dragons will make it to the finals!
  15. Voted (Tough choice between Indigo Fires and Jade!)
  16. Mmm, from the list the ones I would like to see are the Sugar Crystal (Been waiting forever for those!), Sugarfeather, Sunburst Lindwyrm, Azure Glacewing, Blossom Angels, Elemental Wing, Eve, Exipotean, Faerie, Glacier, Icegale, Indigo Fire, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Phantasm, Prism, Rain and Unicorn - Western
  17. Category: Breeders Breeder with the most Royal Blue Dragons: 655 Name of Submittant (forum name): Shirubia Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/Shirubia Proof for Record: You can find 649 dragons from pages 6-12.
  18. Im thinking to breed my Royal blues one of this days. Yes, all 600+
  19. So... This time, we get dragons in 3 flavors? Raspberry, Orange and Cherry?
  20. Whoever made the egg of the Survey Corps: I <3 you forever
  21. Got a Royal Blue egg... I know, nothing special, however, Eartbound Fans might recognize this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/GYGAS
  22. Still not a winner! (Kinda feel like Touma with all this bad luck)
  23. Awww, I thought this time it would be the charm - with it being so close to my b-day and all. Oh well, congratulations to all the winners! Bunch of lucky fellas!