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  1. Bad enough - Been grabbing eggs from the forest biome in order to get a second Cronos Xenowyrm, the four I have seen have been grabbed by other people D:
  2. Managed to catch 2 of alpine, coast and desert and 1 from forest... But now they are nowhere in sight >< Any idea of what rarity they will be? I'm thinking they probably will be uncommon...
  3. Hooooooryyyyyyy Sheeeeeeet!!! I'll have to sacrifice some virgins for extra egg slots!
  4. 24/62 D: work wont let me log out for the egg hunt!
  5. Is it just me, or does anyone else have trouble getting the eggs? O.o
  6. I don't mind the type, I just want more SHINY SPARKLY CUTE DRAGONS Or Blue-colored Dragons, whatever comes first
  7. Look at the dress, then move your monitor screen, you will see it as the other color combination.
  8. Was hoping for a Silver Shimmerscale >< But apparently I got an Ember, which isn't too bad considering I like the breed.
  9. Question for the reserchers here, has anyone seen a gold/silver/tinsel/shimmerscale, valentines/christmas or daydream dragons visit their caves?
  10. Shirubia

    DC Lore AMA

    Questions: - Do humans have a currency or it's all done via trades? - Do humans in the DC world live longer than real life humans? - Are humans and dragons the only sentient species? We don't get other humanoid races like orcs, trolls, elves o *maybe* Qunari? Edited since I finally read all the answers.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM DONE I AM SO DONE This is the funniest thing I have seen all flipping week so brilliant! I NOMINATE PAL-ENTINES DAY FOR NEW GLOBAL HOLIDAY You should read the rest of floccinaucinihilipilificationa Dragon Bros comics They are made of 100% win with a dash of awesome. http://floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumb...ged/dragon-bros Figured dragon ladies would like a savage yet romantic dragon. The ''I <3 U'' written with both roses and severed toes screams ''I'm a merciless killer, yet sophisticated enough to woo ladies'' (This Pyralspite has been stalking him for two days now)
  12. Perfect. Other nice pairings I like it's with Moonstone and Royal Blue
  13. Day 4: 30/0/30/26/30 attracted a Desipis - Liked the collection of mana, needs more meat. - Also, got a Nhiostrife Wyvern at 40/0/40/26/0, mildy interested, wants more sweets. - And now the Pyralspite it's back. Wants more shinies even if I am at 40 right now. Secondary it's misc
  14. DING DING DING!! We have a winner! Also, by the looks of it, this is what will happen at the end of the event for many of our bachellors http://41.media.tumblr.com/797699ed98bf2aa...b5tzo1_1280.jpg
  15. First day: A Red Dragon - Needs more Meat Second Day: A Water Dragon - Needs more Sweets Third Day: A Pyralspite Dragon - Needs more Shinies * With 30-0-30-30-30 A Desipis dragon came. Needs more meat.
  16. Im trying to wrote with roses ''I <3 U''. Also trying to make the pile of shinies bigger (No idea how )
  17. Silver Dragon. Got a red dragon the first day (10/10 magic), a waterhorse today.
  18. Another year I don't win lol - Can't say I didn't thought I wouldn't get a mail
  19. Personally, I would like it if you could trade the prize egg AMONG other prize winners. Im pretty sure there are some people that favor certain color over another or eastern over western. Like me I really would love a silver Shimmerscale
  20. 1-. Ribbon Dancers 2-. Solstice Dragons 3-. Snow angels (Full pattern) 4-. Snow angels (Golden pattern) 5-. Winter Magi 6-. Snow angels (White pattern) 7-. Yulebuck 8-. Holly Dragon 9-. Wrapping-Wing
  21. The only funny one I have received is: This box keeps jingling! "Jingle box, jingle box, jingle all the way..." And the only ''funny'' one I sent it's: ''Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope''
  22. Nooooo! The rains are gone ;___; They were my favorites! Blossom Angels VS Coral Frill-Gill VS Indigo Fire Mercury Pygmy VS Phantasm Dragon Skymaster Ampipthere VS Tanglewyrm