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  1. Just lost a CB Silver egg! Worst of all, it took me a whole 5 seconds to realize it was a silver (Been a long time since I last saw one)
  2. Seriously, I only grabbed stones, daydreams and nebulas because they were the first dragons that came to my mind to put as EXAMPLES, not because they made sense and would be affected. Second, this would only apply to caveborn dragons, not breeding since our dragons are... Well, domesticated? In an enclosure? And like I said it would only affect very, very common breeds. Not making them dissapear, but making one turn more uncommon during seasons (That BW season mechanic sounds good if people don't want to wait too much for them) or periods of time, and making another easier to obtain. And wow for everyone who literally wants to bite my head off because the suggestion in this topic.
  3. Those were the first dragons that came to my mind, and somewhat the seasons I would relate them to. But they are only examples just at the top of my head - Of course dragons would need a bit more of lore for the seasonal rarity (Migration? Hibernate?) and insight from their creators/spriters.
  4. EDIT: Forgot to add, but this would NOT apply to breeding dragons, only cave ones Not sure if it could be possible... But considering the seasonal dragon changes. Some breeds could become more common in certain seasons, some examples: - Stone dragons could be more common in spring, but less so in summer and normal rarity in autum and winter. - Nebula Dragons could be common during winter, less so during summer. - Daydream Dragons could be rare during winter, but fairly common the rest of the year. Of course this wouldn't apply to dragons already rare (Metals, Xenowyrms, Xymorphs, elemental trio), I just mean the dragons that are already in the very common, common and maybe the uncommon variety. And maybe it would help with the flow of eggs from biomes (So it doesnt stay stuck at the same 3 eggs forever)? Just an idea, thank you for your time
  5. Holy cow!! Is that a Cat form Bernkastel treat?? Who is this blessed Umineko fan??? Loving the idea of the Halloween Biome... Although is it just me, or there are no vampire eggs?
  6. OMG!! Aren't those the Galaxyfire dragons?! Well, seems the name was changed since they now sort around the ''C''. I remember seeing them in the completed requests some time ago and thinking 'Wow, those are sure beautiful!''. So happy they are now out!
  7. My apologies for necro'ing... But anyone here has any frozen (incorporeal) Celestial hatchlings? If anyone needs extra dragons, you can check my scroll! No frozen hatchies... But you can get other rare types https://dragcave.net/user/Shirubia
  8. Just missed a CB Silver due to mental lag ('Is that a silver???')
  9. No wonder why the Azurewing Dragons looked so familiar to me, I voted for them in the Favorite unreleased dragon poll! (Still, couldn't remember their name >< was thinking it was Glacialwing or something -wing)
  10. Electrified Bolts: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rDVdL http://dragcave.net/lineage/qvjwL Glowing Aeons: http://dragcave.net/lineage/7vTfA http://dragcave.net/lineage/flNv9 http://dragcave.net/lineage/WM6ov Nekkid Luminas: http://dragcave.net/lineage/qooqL http://dragcave.net/lineage/ce9m6 http://dragcave.net/lineage/NAmoe http://dragcave.net/lineage/4zbSP Nudist Dark Lumina: http://dragcave.net/lineage/sE854
  11. I would like to set a record! Most amount of adult royal blue dragons - 1231 Most amount of royal blue dragons in total- 1231 Evidence: from page 8 in my scroll, all the way to page 20. The settings it's at 100 per page http://dragcave.net/user/Shirubia And the army keeps growing!
  12. Wow, was wrong about the Green ones, they are not the Dragon I saw on the completed list some time ago (To wait some more for them!) Green and Red dragons look pretty, not a fan of Luminas (Always disliked them), the Kyanites look adorable and the Kingcrownes have an amazing adult sprite!
  13. I was wrong, the blue one it's not the dragon I was expecting (Rain), however the green one im still pretty sure it's one of Aangs-Sister's creations (Jade). But now with the yellow one, I think I recognize it now. Feline dragon or something like that it was.
  14. I recognize the green and blue ones!!! They are two (Both made by Aangs-Sister, If I remember correctly) of the breeds I've been waiting the most for!
  15. Hello, was away from the city a couple days so I wasnt at my computer when celestial dragons were released. Does anyone know their rarity, now that they are past the initial release?
  16. Go to volcano biome to try and get a pyro xenowrym... Great! Only 2 users viewing the dome! I click and egg to move the line... And a xenowyrm pops up! ''But I didn't get it, why?'' Checking the bottom left of the page... There are 25 people in the biome and someone got the egg faster than me.
  17. Missed the event due to a storm hitting and ruining my internet connection the 24th in the evening >< Now I'm desperately trying to find new release eggs/hatchlings
  18. Not exactly what I was expecting for the halloween dragons, but not bad either! Thanks to the spriter for this new dragon!
  19. Didn't manage to get ingredients in time for sparkling potions D: I wanted to give sparkles to my nebulas/soulpeace dragons! (BTW, if anyone saved the shinified sprites and could show them to me, my eternal thanks!)
  20. The dragons look great... And Kinda hoping they will be lich dragons or something! P.S: Btw, did someone save the dragon sprites that sparkled thanks to the potion? Had bad luck getting ingredients and kinda hoped to get to see the sparkling nebulas >< If anyone could show them, would be thankful
  21. Noragami Aragoto. Only thing im watching right now (Even tho I read the manga )
  22. I would like to set a record! Name of category: Royal Blue Dragon Hoarder (Number of Royal Blue Dragons): 976 Evidence: http://dragcave.net/user/Shirubia Madness starts at page 6
  23. And only one, which one would you choose? Obviously domesticated, but you would still need to feed it and find where to keep it There are several I would love to have, but in the first place it's the Royal Blue
  24. Daaamn, Im still not even done with the Xenowyrms when a new breed comes out! Guessing the name will be ''Spirit Ward'' or ''Spiritfire'' dragon
  25. Lost a CB Silver in the Forest while hunting for a CB Xeno (Which I didn't get) D: