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  1. Got a seven, not that bad I guess, considering I need to use glasses to see distant things.
  2. Mmmm, my pet peeves : - People who keep saying ''aha'', ''yes'', ''I see'' when I still haven't finished talking - People who ask a lot of questions, this is why I don't really like shrinks... - Men with really long hair X_X - Jeovah Witness or simillar people who go from door-to-door trying to convert people to their religion, or in a simillar variation, people who try to convert you to their religion at every possible oportunity - Indecisive people, the kind who change their opinion every two minutes. - Girls who talk about nothing but the latest fashion, their boyfriends, the idol they admire or the soap opera they like watching right now. Can't stand any of those, at the first oportunity I will leave the immediate area because I can't trust my hands won't want to strangle them X_X
  3. Sounds interesting, I would like to join : D
  4. This 2nd gen stripe I got had by sheer luck a code that was very simillar to it's parents names! So I named the hatchling after the code that took after it's parents : http://dragcave.net/lineage/m1ReW
  5. Badly named dragons? I'll have to nominate my first vampire dragon: Im not a Cullen
  6. Stupid things I have done... - Refreshing the Cave page when there was a CB black egg. - Getting egg locked with a CB red and 5 seconds later a CB gold egg appears - Abandoning several CB adult dragons (blacks, reds, pinks and BBW) because I didn't like the adult sprite ><.
  7. CB Stripes, and either AP or CB Blacks, golds and silvers (not tinsels)