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  1. And once again, I was unable to log in for the first two days of the festival :( Really wish the timer between the egg respawns was shorter or you could get the eggs from previous years. 


    Oh well, with any luck (and no sleep) might be able to get all of them before the time runs out.

  2. Normal Ipad gen 6. (Got it on january of last year).


    Just in case, mentioning I have had so far no problem with any of the other events. Tried setting on Desktop site and all save SW2 work fine on either mode.



    EDIT: It works now as of 5:36 caventime!

  3. 53 minutes ago, TJ09 said:

    If your entire tab is crashing it's likely due to an outdated browser or graphics drivers.


    But unfortunately there's not much I can do because no web page should even be able to cause the tab to fully crash.

     This is from a tablet, Chrome its up to date according to it.


    Will try on another browser (Safari). Maybe it will work. EDIT: Didn’t work.

  4. Every time I try to load the minigame of Snow Wars 2 it, well, stops working.


    I have tried opening in an incognito tab, closing all tabs beforehand, clearing cache and opening in a new window but so far nothing. Not sure if I am the only one with this problem =/ Load bar gets up to 80% loaded more or less before the ‘Aww Snap’ message appears.

  5. Good evening everyone, I was wondering if anyone here had some adult and hatchlings of the following species:


    - Avea pygmy 

    - Rift wyrms

    - Sinii Krai

    - Vampire hatchlings

    - Blusang Lindwurms


    Or knows of someone with many of them, thank you very much for your help!

  6. On 5/26/2019 at 2:35 AM, Whirlaway said:

    Share all your adult new releases as each breed has a large requirement for Encyclopedia unlocks. Remember to use lineage links.


    Just curious, how many are we talking about? Like, Chicken/neglected levels of large?


    Leaving here my Infinity dragons, two of each.














  7. Thinking about what people said in later posts... It could be done with something like this (just imo, TJ is the one with the last word after all), compromising with what we already have:  


    - Eggs/treats have a respawn timer of 5-10 minutes, down from 5-15 minutes. If we average at 53 eggs/treats per year, you would be needing 4.4-8.8 hours in total for all the eggs/treats of a given year. 5 minutes per egg/treat would be the best, but it would get rid of the “hunting factor” and we would just be logging every 5 mins like a machine.

    - Easter its extended two extra days for a total of five days to help with the previous years. Halloween unchanged. 

    - Once you have collected all the eggs/treats for the current year, you obtain eggs/treats from previous years in order (2019, 2018, etc). If you have all the eggs/treats of X year you skip to the next possible year you are missing from.



    Im missing something?

  8. Sorry if this has been discussed any time before, but I wasn't able to find anything, so please don’t yell at me for making dumb suggestions.



    Was seeing that there were some other people that had missed some of the Easter eggs this year and some previous ones.... So I was wondering, if Halloween/Christmas/Valentines dragons got a special biome to obtain them CB, why couldn’t treats/eggs be the same? Collect all the available treats/eggs for the year and if there is still some time left before the event ends you can get some of the treats/eggs of previous years if you missed them. It could help the people that missed one year due to X or Y reasons or new players that started later than 2010.



    Just a small thought that came to my head. Thank you for reading, and my apologies if it is too dumb or useless of a suggestion. 


    EDIT: Aaaaand once again I wasnt able to log in for two days, so Im down to the last day of the 2020 egg hunt

  9. Usually my scroll is sorted by breed (with eggs and growing hatchlings at the top), but since yesterday it refuses to organize itself in any other way but by date (oldest first).


    I have tried loging out and back, tried from another computer, changed pasword, cleared cache and attempted all the sorting orders, but nothing seems to work.


    Is it a problem in the website, a bug or is my scroll cursed?

  10. Question, is it a bug that we can only have two Mistletoe dragons (From 2014) or is just a bug? I remember that the other christmas breeds had their limit lifted.


    EDIT: Some other breeds, like Hollys are also limited again. And no, wasn't picking up from the ''Holiday page'', but from the abandoned page.

  11. Funny how, as of 06/01/18, Magma Dragons cost 10% more than Gold Dragons (4400 vs 4000) while Ice and Thunder (3900) cost 30% more than Silver (3000).

    And that's not mentioning Dinos, Chickens, Cheese and Papers...

    Also, neither Red Dorsals or Coppers are available at the market (And I have observed those eggs)

  12. Not a bad idea... But a couple suggestions?

    - If the dragons can breed, make it so it can't have offpsprings of it's same species, just like holidays outside their specific holidays.
    - No dymorphism, so we can avoid a case of ''I have to wait one whole year for the other gender!''

    - Have the option to receive your ''Celebration Dragon'' either on your birthday or the day you joined DC. You might be busy on your b-day or just want to keep your privacy, but this gives some flexibility.

    - If having a Birthday Dragon it's too much and a badge too little... How about a Leetle Present or a Leetle Cake?


    Just suggestions.

  13. In no specific order:

    Royal Blue Dragons, Nebula Dragons, Soulpeace Dragons, Ridgewing Dragons, Chrono Xenowyrms, Carina Dragons, Two-Finned Blunas, Daydream Dragons, Celestial Dragons, Day Glory Drakes, Lunar Herald (Silver or Blue) Dragons, Moonstone Dragons.


    Plus seasonals:
    Black Marrow Dragons, Desipis Dragons, Ribbon Dancer Dragons, Solstice Dragons, Radiant Angel Dragons, Rosebud Dragons, Soulstone Dragons.

  14. On the Enclyclopedia page for Sunset Dragons, the egg sprite it's locked. Tried clicking eggs, owning them.... But all of them are marked as Sunrise Dragons... Is it a bug, or just very bad luck?

  15. Good afternoon, good people of the Encyclopedia Helpers! I was wondering if I could get a bit of help?

    After being away from the game for a long time due to Real-Life issues, I'm pretty much behind my encyclopedia with all the new species... Won't ask for help for all of them! But two of them stand as the hardest: Neglected and Wyrm-Zombies. 

    I only need enough Wyrm-Zoms to unlock pictures, since I already have all the observations, but for Neglected I am sure I had completed all of them! If you need anything in return, look at my scroll https://dragcave.net/user/Shirubia lots of Royal Blue, Nebula, Celestial and other species in big numbers, but many of them I only have a male and female (still, they might help!).

    Thank you for your time!